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Originally Posted by pundantic View Post
Kale Trent was here. In body. That had to count for something, right? His spirit was MIA.

After DADA, he'd been as good as a ghost save a few performative moments with his friends who were worried about him. It looked like today was the same. There was something happening under those pink locks, but the specifics of what were anyone's guess.

The fifth year didn't bother addressing the Professor when he walked in. He wasn't intentionally being rude. It was more like he didn't notice Recard standing there. And he wasn't much better when he wandered to his seat.

He sat silently and waited.
It had taken Flynn some time to come back to some semblance himself after being relegated to the room, and given he no longer had access to the Room of Requirement for his regular dance practices, he still wasn't himself. He was.... inward focused. There were so many things that had happened lately that seemed to be triggers for things that had happened to him when he was a child that Flynn was in a waking nightmare that had very little to do with what was actually going on in the present. If it was just the present, likely he would have coped pretty well, but instead everything was drenched in remembered sensations and emotions. Pain. Fear. Embarrassment. None of it was good.

One of the only bright sparks that kept him distracted was Kale. And so, unlike others, Flynn had no problems crowding Kale right now. It just seemed like a good idea. Like Kale needed a tether. Maybe they all did to some extent, but Kale especially. And it was a distraction too, one that Flynn was glad for during the rare lucid moments. So the Hufflepuff went ahead and sat right next to him, then immediately reached out and gave his hand a squeeze. Yes, he was a mess, and probably not much use to Kale right now, but he was here, and that had to count for something. He didn't acknowledge anyone else aside from catching the eyes of a few of his friends, his head stayed down. The professor got no acknowledgment. Hopefully she would understand that he didn't have any energy for it. He kept his mouth closed.

It was just a lot. Focusing on trying to be there for Kale was the most he could manage right now. Breaking up with Yoyo in front of everyone in the great hall wasn't even on his mind anymore - it felt like a distant memory, far more distant than the traumatic ones that had resurfaced.

Hopefully the lesson wouldn't require all that much from him.

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