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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Mamie landed hard with their portkey, basically face-first on the ground as she dropped her hold on both the portkey and Moose's hand. She felt dizzy. She felt nauseous. Not motion-sick-nauseous, she didn't get that, but she had both eaten too much and not enough, and she was definitely not getting up from the ground right away this time.

Nice, cold ground. Mamie held on tight to the grass and squeezed her eyes shut. Were the dragons gone? Was she still alive?
"Mamie? You good?" Ash wasn't afraid of these portkey things. They were like, the least awful thing that had ever happened to her anyway. She poked the girl with her foot gently. "You can open your eyes now." She almost said 'we're safe', but that wouldn't be true. Where was Nem? Where was Apollo? Plus, they were back at Hogwarts, and they would NEVER be safe there. No matter what anyone ever said. Those people were liars anyway. Hogwarts is like home. Yeah right. At home there is a mutual agreement that you will behave in public(read: don't scream about hating everything) if you can do whatever you want and inherit the money. At Hogwarts, there are rules, and they don't pay you. The only similarity is nobody will save you. Sometimes from yourself. Maybe they are the same then. "Mamie, it's okay, you can get up now." If she kept lying there, she'd get hexed.
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