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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
okay so, for anyone lost in the sauce on the COMC field trip:

1. Your prof has been revived and made a pile of portkeys for your kid to grab and take back to the School.

2. Do not worry about grabbing the same one from earlier or anything.

3. You can feel free to post your post-chaos arrival back in the lesson thread if you wish, though I also need to be closing these things to students soon. But. I will happily RP with anyone who needs to detox a little!!! If time permits me to do so!!

4. The Field Trip thread in the UK forum will remain open for adult characters, but ALL STUDENTS will be grabbed and sent back to the School unless you post otherwise/work it out with us. If you don't have time to post leaving the field trip, we're just gonna assume you were forced back home via portkey. Ok?! You have to roll this way since school-aged student characters are not allowed outside the School forums during the School Term.

Capisce? Any q's, hmu or hit up any other member of School Staff. Thank you all for playing. I've enjoyed EVERY BIT of the madness.

we missed the whole field trip but apollo says he doesn't wannnnttt to go back, so someone hopefully grabbed him and made him lol


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