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Default @ EVERYONE. If you have a Hogwarts student, you'd BETTER grab a portkey.
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Williamson had been out for who knew how long until suddenly... he wasn't. The woman (Bagnold) had revived him, and as he slowly came to, groaning all the while, he first realized that... that...

This field trip had degenerated into sheer and utter chaos. CHAOS.

And then his second realization was that his responsibility was to the kids and the School, and he needed to get everyone back to Hogwarts safely and responsibly. And they needed to get back as soon as possible. And also? He didn't want to deal with ONE MORE ADULT today because ONCE AGAIN they'd proven themselves useless to him. Seriously. Who would stun him? He had more years of experience working with dragons than half these people put together. But why was he even surprised the officials had stunned him? They were fools, the whole lot of 'em. This kind of foolish red tape was precisely why he'd left Romania, and Britain, and then Romania again, and then even the USA. Grown people were such a letdown to him.

So it was time he took matters into his own hands. Time to steel himself to do what needed to be done. He sat up and noticed Atlas Flamsteed was on the ground next to him, so he first shook that kid. "Get to a portkey when I say go and don't look back, alright?"

Williamson cleared his throat and pushed himself up off the ground and to a standing position. He started slowly and sneakily started to work his magic. He was not in a rush or anything, but he was carefully going around to gather the old portkeys from their arrival here, and any other random objects (a branch, a large leaf, someone's pumpkin juice bottle that hadn't made it to the rubbish bin....) that could become portkeys as well. He thought about disillusioning himself as a different Slytherin had done, but also thought that he couldn't (well, SHOULDN'T) do that. He was a leader here, like it or not. He technically worked for the greater good. He had to just count that no one was noticing him pulling strings in the background while he tried his best to save lives and save his own skin in the process.

Eventually, he had assembled a small pile of portkeys away from the center of the chaos, and started calling out names of kids as he spotted them so that they'd grab one and go back. No one had given him the authorization to create these portkeys, by the by; he'd just been relying on his knowledge of portus and all of his training from way back when he'd worked for the British Ministry, though he couldn't care less for that organization right now.

"LOUISE BONES," came Williamson's amplified voice, ringing out over the chaos thanks to a subtle sonorous he'd just cast on himself: "Come get your portkey home!" Who else could he see... his tired brown eyes roamed over the madness... "TUROV!" There was one who needed a bit of salvation for sure. Who was she with? Oh great. "Fox!" And some strange man... yeah no, he was NOT dealing with that right now.

He just numbly continued to shout names: "Blackthorne! Jones! Luck family!" Cheez, he'd forgotten there were two of them. "Quartermaine! Whitlock! James! Youngest James..." Wait, why was the youngest James on the ground, and where in the heck was Upstead? Wasn't Nemesis supposed to be watching the other little kids in the group? Or was it the other way around? He was losing his focus as he watched more and more of the chaos break out....

NO no no no, he wasn't going to get distracted by his one true love, aka, dragons. Hard as it was, he had to tear his misty eyes away from looking at them.


"McCarthy, grab two friends and get a portkey! Yoon, same to you!" Surely he could count on some of the elder students to lead the youths.... sureeeeeely.... though in all this mess, WWW also couldn't see who was or was not down for the count. "Phillips? Kitridge? Jenovick? Grimm? Kingsley? Donovan? Blaze? Summers? Song? Tilly, has anyone seen Tilly?" Good thing he'd done role at the start of class, right? Because this list of names was all just now in his head. If only he'd brought a clipboard... actually, maybe it was a good thing he hadn't brought role on a clipboard. The kids would probably be blamed for this mess, wouldn't they? And knowing him, he'd accidentally leave the roster at the reserve, and then that woman who'd stunned him would find it, and then---

He was getting off track once more! Blame the mess! Blame the pressure! Blame the Inquisitorial Squad!

Speaking of, the Inquisitorial Squad were really going to like his taking charge, weren't they. Maybe he could say something to them, so they'd... help him round up the youths? He glanced to the nearest Hood, his voice still magically amplified: "I think that's enough dragons for now... can't play all our aces in the first round, am I right? We gotta get back to report to the Bossman. Can you guys grab the leftovers?"

Sure, sure, had to make it sound legit or whatever. He had a feeling he'd junked up this field trip enough that Rosier was going to have his head on the chopping block no matter what, so....


AN IMPORTANT OOC NOTE: Please just RP your kid coming out of the woodwork or whatever, grabbing a portkey, and then being transported back to the School! This field trip thread will be closed to students in ~24 hours.

Adults are welcome to continue dealing with the chaos! This thread is open to all adult charries still, but again, please do NOT try to stop us from taking the kids back to school.

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