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Originally Posted by aRogueOne View Post
Never in all of her life had she had to muster so much effort to simply run and yet, it was odd because she knew that none of the pain was actually real. She wasn’t even tired from the run. No, the pain was from something else. She knew what. Could feel it tugging on the edge of her consciousness, threatening to bring her to her knees again just like it had a few minutes ago.

Ingrid tried her best to drag her brother and to keep up with Em and Kinsay as they all ran away from Rosier. Taking a deep, she pulled Adam into the crowd, losing the other two girls in the process but that didn’t matter as much now. They had a crowd and she had her brother. “Adam, we need to find the others. To make sure they’re okay”. She’d never survive if something had happened to any one of her family.

Taking a deep breath, she loosened her tight grip on her wand before casting a glance around. She may have had her wand in her hand but she had no intention of casting any charm towards the muggles. No. Instead, without really looking, she pointed her wand randomly out of the throng of students and away from the muggles “Repello Muggletum”. Let it not be known that she did at least try.
As Adam caught his breath, panting as he looked around at the scene in the courtyard, he finally let go of Ingrid. Kinsay and Emmerson were...doing whatever, and he didn't care really at this moment. They could take care of themselves. Probably. Right now, all he cared about was Ingrid and the rest of his siblings.

"Stupefy!" he cried, turning to one of the muggles nearby by purposely missing his spell wildly, but he wanted to make sure he was trying just in case someone was watching. "Did you see any of them?" he asked as he looked around to see if he could spot them.
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