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Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
Stumbling a little upon landing (though fortunately managing to stay on her feet), Ivy wasn't sure if the nausea she was feeling was from the portkey travel or from the realization that they'd landed in an actual dragon reserve. Probably both.

This was real, right? There were not only real life dragons here but also real life dragonologists? As in, humans? As in, people who weren't at Hogwarts? As in, people who might be able to help???

Except there was also the hooded squad lurking around them. But even then, they would still be noticed, right? They couldn't just stop people from noticing a big group of students running around the reserve. Or was there some kind of trap hidden in all this that she just couldn't think of?

This was the closest they had been to freedom in months, but she refused to underestimate these creeps even now. There had to be some reason they'd allow them to go on this trip, even with the Inquisitorial Squad watching. She just...wished she could figure out what that was.

Maybe an opportunity would present itself.

But for now, dragons.

"Soo, where do you all want to go first?" she asked the rest of the group.
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
There was a time where all this air and the anticipation of not having adult eyes watching would have inspired Phoebe to seek mischief. Nothing too big and splashy, just a little treading over the lines of decency until chaos ensued. But not today, and she was glad that she'd ended up (accidentally) in a group that didn't seem too likely to get into trouble.

With her feet under her, Phoebe glanced at Ivy before taking in the space around them. "I think the Common Welsh Green prefers higher ground for nesting, so we could climb a bit... maybe toward the cave up there? Or just follow the path and see what we see?"
Originally Posted by Sunflower View Post
Her feet slammed into the ground and Irithel fell over, releasing the broken broom Portkey. She got to her feet, feeling super queasy, and picked up her glasses which had dropped near the old broom. Once the nausea subsided and she could see clearly, she was AMAZED. Forget dragons, there were other human beings here! She turned to the older students in her group and was glad to hear Ilya mention the people around them. "Yes, let's go to the cave and we should ask those adults to rescue us and what else do you guys know about the Common Welsh Green? I'm intrigued."

If she sandwiched some risky thoughts between normal speech about this lesson, the inquisitorial squad wouldn't be able to catch them, right?? She was not even glancing in their direction, even though she really wanted to check where they were, because it would look suspicious. The second year led the way up to the cave, hoping they would meet some kind dragonologists in there.

Williamson had been acting weird. Granted most people had been acting differently all year, but considering their circumstances it made sense. Louise just felt like he had been acting EXTRA strange today.

That concern, however, vanished as quickly as the Hogwarts grounds did when the portkeys spun them off and away and into.... a DRAGON RESERVE. Louise caught herself when they landed (she had lots of practice with portkeys) and her big green eyes looked around, delight filling her insides. "This is amazing," she whispered, feeling a sense of freedom that she hadn't felt in ages. Being trapped in that castle had really done her in. Louise never wanted to leave this sanctuary.

Maybe they could knock out their hooded friend and run away.

"Cave," Louise said in agreement, her feet already taking her away. She ignored the other students idea to ask the other adults to help them because the enemy (inquisitorial squad kid) was still in their midst, and instead chatted about the Common Welsh Green. "They like to hide in the mountains, of course. But they're one of most calm breeds of dragons. They don't particularly like human interaction, but they're less likely to burn us to a crisp." That's what she remembered from her readings, anyway.

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