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Oh, hey! There he was!

Edric took Jasper by surprise, but he still greeted his friend with a big wave (look, baba, one hand!). "Hey, sup dude?" He asked whilst on the up-swing. Hopefully Edric wouldn't mind starting with swings because Jasper was aiming to get all the way to the very top just to see if he could. Just like flying. He loved the feeling of wind against his face. He had his baba to thank for that, of course.

Leaning back for the sake of aerodynamics ... or something, he looked over and gave Edric a big grin. He was glad to see his pal joining in. Wouldn't have been as enjoyable if only one of them were swinging. "......"


The ten year old looked up at the sky, trying to find whatever it was that Edric was pointing to, but all he saw were .... clouds? "What did you see, Edric?" Did he miss it!? Was there something COOL? Like dragons?
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