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Edric was actually hanging upside down on a bar thing, some kind of vaguely gymnastic piece of equipment, his longish straight blonde hair dripping off his head like pasta of some kind. Like noodles! He LOVED noodles! He could go for some noodles right NOW! Maybe Jasper would want some noodles!

Speaking of, there was his friend.

Edric spun off the bar in a smooth flip, landing with a big grin and immediately running over to his friend. But not with too much energy. He wasn't hyper like SOME Cambridges. He had restraint. And dignity. And class. And a healthy sense of entitlement which was still developing.

But here he was, utterly grateful and excited to see his friend on the swings. Know what, swings sounded alright right now. Just like noodles! The two were definitely linked in his mind. "Hi Jasper," he calmly greeted, settling himself in on a swing next door to Jasper's. Wow! Jasper was REALLY good at swinging! Did he know that? Should Edric tell him that? He pushed off the ground to start swinging himself, but quickly became distracted by a particularly interesting cloud shape in the sky.

Look at that! Did Jasper see that? That cloud that looked like a giant hippogriff? He stretched a finger out as he started swinging, just pointing to the hippogriff cloud, but forgetting to actually divulge this thought aloud.

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