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Jasper talked non-stop the whole way to Diagon Alley. It actually wasn't until he saw the playground from a distance that he shut up. "Baba, look how fast I can run!" He grinned big for his dad before taking off, his shoelaces coming undone in the process, but he paid no mind.

When he reached the swingset, he turned and threw his hands up triumphantly. That was probably fifteen seconds. Man, he should've asked his baba to keep count. Or, maybe Edric would be willing to help with that later. Where was he anyway?

Jasper paused for a moment, but didn't linger on the thought for very long. He'd be around soon enough and when he did show up, he'd find Jasper on the swings, curly hair flying in every direction. Swinging was a little like flying, but it wasn't as much fun. There wasn't much of a challenge in going back and forth on repeat. But Jasper would take what he could get. He was just glad to get some quality time with his friend before school really started kicking their butts. Auntie Dora did not go easy on Stark School kids.
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