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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Finneas Schmoe

Student Character:
Kinsay James
Third Year
x10 x1

Ministry RPG Name:
Yasmin Golshiri

Ministry RPG Name:
Tomasz Łaska
Law Enforcement
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eeeeeeee THESE ARE SO NICE !!!!!!!!!!! And I'm so glad you made a shop! I'm hoppin' on the queue too!!! Even though, uh, someone in your head will probably hate the request I'm about to make lol

Character Name: Kinsay James
Would you like their full first name displayed, full last name, or a nickname?: Whatever fits best! Her full name is Kinsay Cassandra James, but people call her Kizzy / Kiz / Kinz / Kins. Incessant James. One person calls her 'Kinsay Freaking James' (hehehe, wonder who). Whatever ~feels~ right to you???
Character Face Claim: Harley Elise Chapman is her name, but it's hard to find the younger photos through a google search alone, so I have an ALBUM of some I've collected that work well for her current age (though some I used more for 1st year).
A few words that describe your character's aesthetic: Soft, silly, water colors, doodling in the margins of your notes, the big breath you take after you sprint to catch up with your friends, constellations, oceans, etc etc I'm not very good at this
Links to bio, pinterest, tumblr, twitter, ect if applicable: Bio, her tumblr is kinsayjames, and her twitter is @KinsayJames_
Colors, motifs, image dimensions, ect. that you prefer/do not prefer, if applicable: I second Ern on this! I trust your judgment and your good eye. I'd love if it could be within SS Profile Picture size limits though (the classic under 350x350 px, 60 kb) so that I can wear it as a PP (if possible, of course)! But also, if any or all of this request is useless, I can try to do better, I swear. Just lmk
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