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The moment Professor Carton mentioned that he would teach Piscifors to anyone that wanted to learn before dinner that evening, Dahlia knew she would be attending. She wasn't one to pass up on any chance to learn a new spell, especially from a Professor. She always had a thing for learning everything that she could, reading anything she could get her hands on that interested her. Now that she was at Hogwarts and with the whole 'Neo Alliance' thing happening, well, the more she learned the better.

Lia stared at the small vanishing cabinet on the desk outside of the professors office. It was absolutely adorable! Could he teach her to make one? Or several? How did it work exactly? Was it possible to have a couple of them that were all linked together? So many questions! However today she wasn't here for that. She was here to learn Piscifors.

Without wasting anymore time, dinner was in only an hour, she pulled out her favorite quill and filled out the short form.

Name: Dahlia Jane Donovan
Year: First
House: Ravenclaw
Reason for visit: To learn Piscifors

Putting her quill away, she folded the slip of parchment in half and placed it into the miniature vanishing cabinet and shut the door. Lightly she knocked on the door and than waited.
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