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inspiration SSRPG characters Kaiser (Felixir), Bernadette Grantham (BanaBatGirl), Margaret Turov (Waddles), Quinn Kingsley (NiallNIP)
materials Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, Snow White font, Champagne & Limousines font

This vibe is really all Felix's doing. We had talked about these minimalist aesthetics forever ago and they are really popular on tumblr and constantly were haunting my thoughts. So when Felix gave me the above image of Kaiser for a PP request, the composition of it all just made me think about those and that was all she wrote So after an hour of hunting for the perfect font and playing with blending modes for a color fill was a fairly straight forward process that then had me absolutely second guessing it all because it was so simple (and that's when the brain just wants to go nuts and WANTS to make things more complicated than necessary, but I resisted) and a grand total of 5 layers. So, thank you Kaiser for the inspiration

I assembled all the house colors and I am more than willing to make one for anyone who would like one - doesn't have to be a house color and can be in the color of your choice. I am also going to make a tutorial for this to share in the Sewing Lessons so you can give it a go yourself. It's a fun little experiment in color fill layers and blending

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