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Judgment | Age - 10
Paul kicked his legs back and forth on the bench located near Sugerplum’s while he waited for his mum to finish her errands. If he was good and sat here, very still, she would take him into Sugarplum’s for candy. Paul wanted that candy!

A gaggle of boys nearby were excitedly exchanging their wares. Paul had heard them discussing going to Hogwarts in September, and he watched for a long time while they discussed how many adventures they’d be going on, which house they’d be placed in.

Paul laughed as one of them lamented in advance about PERHAPS being placed in Hufflepuff. They all turned to face him.

“What are YOU laughing at?”

Paul smiled. “Hufflepuffs are just fine. You boys shouldn’t be so judgmental,” he gave a wave of his hand as if he were an old man reprimanding school boys.

“What do YOU know?! You’re just a baby. Not even old enough to go to Hogwarts yet.” The speaker stuck out his tongue.

Paul merely smirked and shrugged. Still smarter than you lot, it seems.

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