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Within a few minutes Kaiser was winding his way back through the café, quickly and nimbly and not spilling a single drop of the drinks, though he moved with a sort of devil-may-care confidence.

"Coffee," he said, once again, setting the tray on the table and taking his seat, pulling his notebook back towards him again with not the slightest care that he'd left it open. All the trust in the world. And if Gunnar had read it? That was equally unbothersome; how could an exchange of thoughts be wrong, after all? "And milk and sugar and cream. Sweetener. Some... other stuff, too. I grabbed all of it just in case." Already Kaiser had slipped into German, and though this could have been a testament to the reunion with Gunnar, that was maybe only part of it. He had possibly been driving Candi up the wall by switching mid-sentence for several weeks now.

Uh. Months.

Kaiser's knee bounced under the table, and he looked as though he was about to open his mouth to speak, but... not quite. Funny. Days. Weeks. Months. Years, really, he'd been thinking about all he would want to say if he had the chance, and could speak frankly without fearing the consequences of honesty. That fear was gone now, but the words had built and built inside him, were all clamouring to be the first out of his mouth, and suddenly Kaiser found he didn't know what to say. It was an abrupt departure to the way things had been going recently.

Probably because this was so... momentous. Yes, that was right. That was it. What this was. Momentous. He had to write that down. And several other things that had suddenly occurred to him on top of that thought.

And so he did.

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