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Dahlia's gentle smile never wavered. Despite all the going-ons around this place, she was doing her best to attempt to remain positive whenever she was around others. Attempt being the important word there. It wasn't always easy being her usual cheerful, adventurous self lately.

"Thanks," she nodded, sitting down on the bench beside Quinn. She really hoped that she wasn't intruding but it didn't seem like it, since they told her she could sit with them. Sir Frederik Puffington made himself comfortable on her lap, puffing himself up so that he would look larger but all that did for him was make him appear to be a giant pink cotton ball with a face. Lia was more than content to pet him though. "Do you want to hold him?" she gestured to Sir Fredrik. She knew that Quinn liked the pink fluff ball and Apollo was welcome to hold him too if he wanted.

A simple nod of her head was all that was given. Neither boy had to be more detailed on what they had meant. "What's your favorite thing to do out here?" Dahlia was attempting to change the subject a little bit but if it didn't work she would deal with it. They had been talking before she showed up and maybe they weren't finished with their discussion yet.
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