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Wait I'll be back to reply to some of these other posts in here !!! I still have about halfway to go (maybe a little less)

Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
I had a couple other thoughts to float by ya'll?

SPOILER!!: Ove Thoughts
What Hogwarts House would you put Ove in?

Did you guys know Saab went out of business right around the time this book was published?! I remembered that when reading, looked it up, and couldn't decide if this news would have killed Ove before he died of old age or....

Anybody else want to reread this book? Like right away? Or just me?
SPOILER!!: Re: Roro's Ove Thoughts

I'd sort Ove into Hufflepuff! At first I was simply thinking about the depths of his heart ;-; he comes off so grouchy, but MAN. Ove bleeds for those around him (even though I think he doesn't see it himself). But then there's also the way he so deeply values JUSTICE and FAIRNESS. In particular, I was thinking about his adherence to the rules (like the parking & driving nonsense we see at the very beginning lmao). Or that time when he returned the stolen wallet.

Another notable hufflepuff moment was when Tom stole the money and Ove didn't rat him out because Im not the sort that tells tales about what other people do." ;-; bless him.

He's also SO hardworking & dedicated!!!!!!! Never took a sick day, worked all his shifts and covered for others when they asked him to. UGH. There's so much good Hufflepuff in this man and that's just scratching the surface.

Also in regard to rereading this book? Like right away?
LOL. Literally me. I read it mid-2020??? And a couple months later I found it at a thrift store and nominated it as BoTM just so I could read it again and force everyone else to read it with me so, uh, yes. Yes, I do. I want to read it a third time now and I haven't even finished this second read through yet.

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