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If Kaiser had noticed the sudden not-retreat, or drawn offence (or maybe a clue or hint that he needed to step off a little bit), it wasn't immediately evident. Or evident at all. At the moment, Kaiser could think only of the fact that he was, at last, seeing Gunnar again. In the flesh. Live and in stereo.

Perhaps that wasn't the only thing he could think of. Definitely it wasn't. But it was definitely the main focus of the mental ricocheting he was currently engaged in.

As Gunnar spoke, Kaiser had to fight the intense and near unbearable urge to bulldoze right over him. He jumped in the moment he had the opportunity, expressing the kind of sentiment that the old version of himself would have been entirely too wary about openly declaring, least of all to Gunnar, who had at one point been the closest thing to a close friend that Kaiser had, at a time when genuine friendships were a little thin on the ground. "A very long time. I've missed you. It's good to see you. Coffee."

With that, Kaiser abruptly left the table and went to buy their drinks, leaving his notebook - filled with near incomprehensible scribbles - on the table behind him. The short queue was a blessing; he didn't think he could bear to stand in line for very long, when all he wanted to do right now was talk to Gunnar. Finally tell him all he needed to say.

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