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The blonde playfully rolled her eyes at him. "If I didn't have faith in you I would've banned you from the kitchen a long time ago." It was no secret at all that neither of them were the greatest cooks around. Though she had to admit that they were both doing much better than they had been when they first moved into the apartment together. Those cookbooks they had bought in the beginning of the summer had done wonders for them! So did following the instructions.

Addison ate a few more bites before even bothering to answer him again. "Mm'.. now that- that I can agree to." Looking over his work was something she had always done anyhow. "I might even be willing to help you with it... if you ask me nicely enough," she smirked at him. Picking up the cup of tea, she took a long sip, her blue eyes taking in the amount of pie still on her plate. There was a chance she might not finish this after all. Looks like Connor would be getting the rest... but first... a couple more forkfuls wouldn't hurt.
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