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Headmaster| Age - 5
"Look at you! You're going to grow up and be Headmaster of Hogwarts one day, Pauly!" James clapped as Paul finished "teaching" a lesson on the importance of anthills. Paul took a bow, pushing his dad's reading glasses up his nose before they clattered to the floor.

"I give the best lessons EVER." Paul straightened up with his dad's old Hogwart's robes flowing behind him since they were much too big, the blue and bronze worn out and faded from Paul playing in them so much.

"You do, m'boy!" James chuckled as he ruffled Paul’s hair. "Your mama has to actually go through lessons with you now, though. So go get out of my robes and get your books."

Homeschool. Paul pouted, but did as he was told. He wished he could go to school with his neighbors, the Pipkins. But he was different, and he knew it was no use arguing. His magic would get him in major trouble if he tried to go to muggle school, and his parents disproved of the established primary schools for their own reasons. His mama was very patient, and he loved spending his days with her. It was no issue.

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