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Originally Posted by NiallNIP View Post
Quinn looked up from his whispering as Dahlia spoke. "Oh! Hi, Dahlia." He glanced down at her arms. "And Sir Frederik! Very nice to see you both," he grinned, then nodded. "Yeah, I just thought it was nice out, so I could get some reading in out here. Oh, this is Apollo, by the way." Quinn gestured to Apollo. "And Apollo, this is Dahlia. We're Housemates. And in her arms is Sir Frederik Puffington the Pygmy puff." Quinn wasn't exactly sure how he should, er... segue the conversation he and Apollo were having to include Dahlia—it wasn't the lightest of subjects—so he figured he would let them have his introductions and see where things went, for now.
The little smile that had been on her lips slowly grew as Quinn introduced her to the other boy. "Hey, Quinn." She turned towards Apollo and nodded slightly in greeting. "Hi, Apollo. Like he just said," he being Quinn obviously, "I'm Dahlia but you're welcome to call me Lia if you want and this is Sir Frederik Puffington the Pink Pygmy Puff. He's super friendly." She had started adding that last little bit whenever introducing her companion to anyone.

"That's why I'm outside too. The fresh air and sunshine always helps clear my head... and well... I'm much more of an outdoorsy type of person." Lia giggled softly. "Do you mind if I join you two?" Since they had been talking already before she had joined them, it was only fair to ask.
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