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Wireless | Age - 3
Sonya patted some of the newly piled dirt atop the patch of Earth to the left side of their garden. The carrots growing there needed a little extra love. Toddler!Paul sat next to her, watching curiously before copying her motions.

Pat pat pat!!!!

He looked up at her as if to ask am I doing a good job, mumma? before smiling. Her steely blue eyes crinkled as she returned his grin. "Veeeeeery good job, Pauly. That's mama's good boy," she tousled his hair with her dirt lathered glove, causing them both to give in to a case of the giggles. He ruffled his hair.

"Mama silly."

"Yes, Mama is silly. We have more soil to distribute before lunch. Maybe we can go into town to the park later on. Would Paul like that?" she pushed an Earth worm toward him, and the toddler eyed it curiously, then shrugged. "Well, we'll go at any rate. We need to start getting you acclimated with other kids."

Farm life could be very isolating.
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