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Transfiguration | Age - 1
Paul crawled after Benji. The dog seemed to think it was a game, and Paul had no trouble reciprocating. He shrieked in amusement every time the dog stopped to let him grab his tail.

"No pulling, little man," Sonya would chirp from time to time as she used her wand to fold their laundry. It was before 6AM, and she already felt as if she had been up for an entire day. Her husband had begun outside with the chickens and would soon be moving on to the cows. The sun had just peaked its top over the edge of the Earth.

She flopped onto their couch. Thank goodness for magic. Their reclusive lifestyle choice was much easier with it. It just meant they needed to have their eggs in a row - literally and figuratively - if any of their faraway neighbors came to visit. They had a transfiguration plan in action for any magical items left around their home.

A nap...sounded nice.....
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