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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
"Has anything else odd been happening on Level 9?" He raised a hand up before she could chastise him for asking. "I mean, personnel wise, I understand you can't really discuss business happenings." ...He realized that he was fiddling with the badge pinned to his lapel and smoothed his hand down his jacket instead.
Jane was a bit taken aback by all this. She really felt she hardly knew this man and yet he seemed to be trusting her to answer his questions--and odd questions, at that. Yes, she had felt a momentary shock when he began asking about her Department, because any discussion of the Dept. of Mysteries to anyone outside it was a big no-no. Then again--what did he mean by odd happenings and personnel, anyway? The question was so vague, she was not sure how to answer it.

Still--these questions would seem to indicate that there were peculiar things going on elsewhere in the Ministry, and not just with her Department, and that was a matter for concern. Look at how he was fiddling with his badge! The man was nervous, no doubt about it. And he immediately stopped and tried to act as if he hadn't been doing it when she noticed it.

So--what to say, and how much to say, that was the question. Jane had no wish to violate her promises as an Unspeakable, but she felt increasingly worried that something was wrong, though what she couldn't put her finger on.

"Um...I'm not quite sure what you mean by odd things, personnel-wise, exactly. As an alchemist, I generally work alone, you understand. But...I have noticed some people behaving...unlike themselves at times. It may be stress, of course, but still..." Jane didn't want to go into detail without more to go on, and wasn't sure she should have mentioned anything at all. Because by some people, she of course meant Airey Flamsteed.
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