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Buddy System

The job was much too important for either of them to mess it up. They were acting on a buddy system, never going somewhere without the other, and being the eyes Draco needed as he worked.

Wands drawn, the two patrolled the seventh floor corridor. Every time Vincent complained about a growling stomach, Gregory simply ignored him. There was a time and place to be hungry, and now was neither.

Hours passed.

Eventually Vincent scowled, loudly, and turned toward Gregory. "How long can he take?! We patrol day in, day out....whenever he's in there, and he won't share what he's exactly doing and he expects US to just be here to stand guard!? It's ridiculous!"

Gregory was not in the mood. He silenced Vincent with a simple wave of his wand, muttering the spell calmly. "Be quiet. We can't get Draco into trouble. Or us. You know our part in this is important. If you want to leave, leave. But I'm not going anywhere." He said his piece firmly and undid the spell.

Vincent gaped in slight shock, but soon he went back to pacing.
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