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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Ugh yea. It was rough. Like he knew there were dangers but death of innocent creatures seemed on the harsh side. He sighed.

"Cool name," he said upon hearing the boys name. He hadn't met too many people with a name that started with Q. Plus the one syllable thing made for an easy name to remember. Wait what. So if he wasn't a half-blood ... did that make him muggleborn? But he didn't seem like he was stupid or any of the other lies that these people seemed to be spewing about muggles and muggleborn. He didn't seem less deserving of a magical education either. Apollo rubbed absently at the back of his hand. "So uh... you don't have any ... witches or wizards in your family?" He frowned when the boy trailed off about the Headmaster. "He doesn't seem like he really ..." Apollo found himself gazing around, wondering if anyone was listening to them. "If he really wants to be here." He whispered.
Quinn smiled a bit at the compliment. People didn't usually think one way or the other about his name. "Thanks."

Quinn shook his head. "No, I do, my aunt's a witch! But my dad's a Muggle and my mom's... a, um... Squib? Yeah, a Squib. So I thought I would be a half-blood because of her, but..." he sighed, not finishing the statement. His forehead finished it for him.

Quinn made a concerned face, looking around. "I... I don't know. I don't really understand... who he is, or the other people in that... group." Quinn was still really new to the whole wizarding world, and he was trying to read up about everything he could so he could get some sort of grasp on the situation. But he still hadn't read much yet. "What do they want?"
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