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Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Jane had never been to Level 10--she'd never had occasion to. Fortunately she had already been on Level 9, so it wasn't a very long trip to make her way down the stairs to this lowest of the levels of the Ministry. The corridor was cramped and poorly lit, so she made her way slowly down it, wondering what in the world Conley Singh-Phora wanted with her.

It couldn't be normal Ministry business, or he would have requested she meet him up in his own office in International Cooperation. In fact, she hadn't seen much of him since socializing with him and his partner at the Ministry social event back at the beginning of the year, when she was just about to start her position at the Ministry--my, that seemed a long time ago. Preoccupied with these thoughts, Jane didn't notice the person she was thinking about lingering up ahead of her.
He was on the brink of deciding that Jane was not coming (after all, they had only briefly met during orientation) when he heard footsteps down the hall. He glanced up as the unspeakable made her way towards him. ”Ah, Ms. Howard.” He forced his most charming smile onto his face, you know the one he used when foreign politicians were pontificating and he had to look interested. ”I’m happy you could join me for a word or two.” He shifted the items in his hand again. ”Interesting year we’ve had, don’t you think?”

Yes he was starting with small talk. Just in case anyone was around in fact…he muttered a silent homenum revelio, wondering why he hadn’t thought to do it while alone. Better late then never right? Did he look twitchy? Because he felt twitchy. ”I apologize for not following up on that lunch invitation. It has been quite busy around the globe this year. How has Level 9 been treating you?”
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