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A path is not simply for walking, its purpose lies in moving forward and improving oneself.

Minjae had seen Austin’s little wave and he would have liked to wave back but the presence of The Hoods entering the classroom and securing their places near the windows made him unable to do so. What if they thought that waving was ‘too muggle like’ ? He honestly did not know with the Alliance anymore.

When Aboli took a seat next to him, Minjae gave her no attention. His gaze was fixed on The Hoods. A mantra of ‘’don’t be stupid. don’t be stupid. don’t be stupid” was going through his head because he knew the consequences if he lost his temper now. Especially in this class.

He quickly looked back down at his desk when he thought that one of the Hoods was looking in his direction (he couldn't exactly see the faces of those cowards) before he looked at the Professor when he started his lesson.

OBVIOUSLY, the most superior kind were the muggleborns. Simply because they had knowledge on both sides. Of course, he couldn’t exactly say that with THEM around. His attention went to Devin next. The word 'wealth' had caught his attention and as the boy spoke, Minjae felt as if it was directed to his own family. He almost stood up. Remembered The Hoods and took a calming breath. He knew the Gryffindor HAD to say this. He probably didn't mean it either. He hoped that was the reason and it weren't his real thoughts.

He had to answer something right? UGH.

"Most muggles are lazy and would rather live in their parents basements playing video games than go out there and do something productive. Wizards on the other hand are more active and work far harder to achieve their goals, i don't know"

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