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SPOILER!!: hello everyone, greetings under the dooblydoo
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ash had been pushing it. She could die at any moment. That's why she was extra compliant in muggle studies. It was the class with the most potential for awfulness. She nodded at Schmoe. "Good morning professor." She sat down, sitting up straight, taking mental deep breaths to calm down. She could feel her blood boiling, and now was not the time. She attempted a smile. Ash was the image of a calm, cool, collected, and compliant happy child. Now was not the time to push it. Now was never the time to push it. Especially since she'd prefer to be alive.

With Ashley's arrival, Finneas tried to straighten his perpetually slouched back. "Good day, Ms. Fox," he tipped his head, hoping that his eyes conveyed the apology he wished he could voice out loud. His heart hurt even more for his muggle born students. She deserved better. They all did.

SPOILER!!: Blaze
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Muggle Studies this year had become what Claudine felt about DADA for the past two years. Both were now dreaded. She had toyed with the thought of actually skipping the lesson but some more thinking told her that wouldn’t help her. Instead, here she was trudging slowly into the lesson, prepared to deal with The Hoods and her anxiety. Schmoe was having it worse though. Claudine couldn’t blame him. The curriculum this year had drastically changed which she knew had been done forcefully.

“Hi, professor,’’ the fifth year said very quietly as she neared him. Smiling wasn’t always her thing but she did give the man what she hoped was an encouraging one before heading to a back row to select a seat.

Finneas twitched just as Claudine made her way inside. He returned her small smile with the best one he could manage, hoping not to show how exhausted he felt. "Hello, Claudine."

SPOILER!!: Kingsley
Originally Posted by NiallNIP View Post
Quinn was very tempted to skip out on this class, but he knew nothing good would come of it.

Time to go get trashed on for about an hour straight. But what was new, right?

He walked into the class glumly, finding a seat towards the back. "Hello, Professor Schmoe." Quinn knew that none of this was his fault—in fact, he could very easily tell that his Head of House was not comfortable teaching this material at all, which made it at least a little less horrid—but it was still pretty bad.

Quinn pulled out two pieces of paper, but not for taking notes. Atlas had shown him how to fold one of those origami ladybugs (apparently the first of an entire menagerie) and Quinn was trying his best to perfect it. He pulled out the red one Atlas had given him and set it on the desk, then pulled out his own piece of paper and did his best to replicate it using the steps Atlas taught him.

"Hello, Student Kingsley," Finneas tried returning the young boy's greeting with a goofy one of his own. It didn't quite come with the same enthusiasm behind his usual jokes, but Finneas was trying his best. It was difficult to find light in such dark times.

SPOILER!!: James
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Schmoe was absolutely breaking Phoebe's heart, and she was starting to dread his class. Not because the whole class was totally subverted to a theme that obviously didn't jibe with what the professor believed, but because he just seemed so defeated. She wanted to give him a big hug, but since that was unlikely to get them any favor with the goon squad, she settled for an encouraging smile.

Maybe she'd slip some cookies on his desk after class.

"Good day to you, Professor. The sun is out today. Have you had a chance to see it?"

Finneas felt a special sort of connection to the class of fifth years he taught. Their first year was his first year of teaching. It made it that much more difficult to stand here during these lessons and go along with the curriculum. Nevertheless, he appreciated Phoebe's constant search for light. "Good day, Ms. James. I have not, but errr.... Perhaps I will t-take a walk after class."

SPOILER!!: Quincy
Originally Posted by Daydreamer11 View Post
Camryn took the long way to Muggle Studies class. A class that she was really excited for not that long ago had become arguably her most dreaded one. She was not happy as she entered the classroom. Clearly she was not the only one because the professor looked very stressed. The thought that anyone could be more anxious than Camryn was not a good one.

“Hello Professor”, Cam said, trying to appear upbeat. Even she wasn’t that good an actress though. She went to her seat, sat down and got ready for an unpleasant time where she would be forced to say things that she really didn’t mean. Hopefully everyone except the hooded guys would realize that.

Finneas leaned over to rest a hand on the desk beside him for extra support. He offered the best smile he could to the next student, welcoming her inside. "H-hullo, Ms. Quincy."

SPOILER!!: Upstead
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Nem was starting to get real bored of everyone sad-sacking around this place. It was enough to make a person miss the idiocy of the entire student body trying to Gryffindor their way to death's door. At least that was more entertaining.


Muggle Studies had been a class Nem had taken purely for Schmoe reasons. Things had changed, of course, but these days they were more interested in seeing the new approach to the subject matter. So, even with the new management and how they may view a student who had opted to take Muggle Studies, Nem felt pretty comfortable in continuing their attendance. The main difference was that now they were taking no risks in appearing to buddy up to Schmoe, but surely he'd reach a conclusion that it was as much about their own self-preservation as his changed curriculum clearly was for his.

So, after lunch, when it was time for Muggle Studies, Nem strolled nonchalantly into the classroom and claimed the first seat that caught their eye, greeting the professor with a regular old, "Afternoon, Professor Schmoe." Who was to say if it was any more or less unnerving than usual.

Even with all the new company this year, Nemesis Upstead still made Finneas Schmoe very nervous. "Good afternoon." Who was to say if it was any more or less cautious that usual.

Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
If there was one lesson that Minjae had started to dislike, it was Muggle Studies. He hated seeing the Professor so fidgety and nervous, he had always been that way but for the past few lessons it had only increased. And he couldn't blame him.

The new backwards lessons had given the Hufflepuff stress as well. He hated that he had play pretend and agree with the Anti-Muggle sentiments just because he feared for his life as a Muggleborn. He hated how he had to sit there and accept the negativity and he hated that it was slowly getting in to his head that maybe his family was trash...

While he had been in fear for The Hoods in other classes he felt absolute hatred for them in this one. And a mixture of fear and anger was not healthy. Each class, it took all of his willpower not to grab his textbook and give it a - WHACK- to the back of their heads. Those were just fantasies though, which was why he was still around.

"Hello Professor" he greeted him the moment he had entered the class. He wanted to say some encouraging words but he couldn't think of any. He found an empty seat and vowed to himself to not let today's lesson to go to his head. He had to stay strong!

Finneas fidgeted with his shirt as Minjae stepped into the classroom. "Hullo, Mr. Yoon," he greeted the Hufflepuff almost apologetically. Finneas liked this no more than Minjae did. That much was very clear.

SPOILER!!: Spencer
Originally Posted by 2111jen View Post
Austin didn't like this term at all. He had friends who were muggle born, also being a half blood himself, so it annoyed him that he had to play nice with these people. But he just decided to shut up. "Hey professor," he said and went to find an empty seat. He gave Minjae a wave. He's seen him before.

Finneas did not like this term at all either, but he did give Austin a small smile regardless. They had to hold onto hope, even though hope felt very far gone. "Good afternoon."

SPOILER!!: Grantham
Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Bernie had done her best to convince herself that this class could still be useful, that she was just now having the wool pulled down from her eyes, that she was being exposed to the biases many wizards had against her family and people like her. Why, without this year, she might have naively graduated from Hogwarts thinking that many witches and wizards had put the issue of blood status behind them. She might have never known how nefarious certain people could be. And if she were going to become a Dark wizard catcher one day, she'd surely need to know how to think like one, right? Right.

So, ultimately, Bernie was still here, though much subdued, and frowning much more than she normally would have as she entered Schmoe's classroom. "Hi, Professor," she greeted him as levelley as possible, with a very small nod of resignation. Bernie picked out a seat that had a view of the window and sat down, resting her chin on her hand and trying not to think too much of better days and lessons in this room.

Remember when she'd been hit upside the head by a book? Good times.

Ms. Grantham broke his heart most of all. "Hello, Bernadette," he greeted her in the same subdued manner in which she greeted him. He had already apologized to her one on one, but he wished he could do so now as well.

SPOILER!!: Flamsteed, Aries
Originally Posted by Samia View Post
Aries had decided there was no class he actually liked.

Except of course, flying.

And herbology - but that was because he simply had to, since family was supposed to be really important and all.

But back to the matter in hand, muggle studies was the worst of it all - and he hated being in this school. Not because of the teacher or the subject itself but because of ~the others~ hovering about.

It was all just abysmal; a word he had only learned the night before because Atlas was mumbling it in his sleep. But alas, he was here - dragging his feet to one of the desks. "Hello Professor, you look like you haven't been sleeping much"

The comment from the young Gryffindor made the corners of Schmoe's mouth twitch. If one were paying enough attention, maybe they would have even caught sight of a smile. Maybe. "H-hullo, Mr. Flamsteed. An, er, astute observation. I hope, er, I hope you have been getting more sleep than I have."

SPOILER!!: Donovan
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Dahlia hadn't been able to experience what Muggle Studies had been like before things had 'changed'. All she knew was it had to have been very different. There was no muggle items around and magic was allowed. Both were big changes according to her older siblings. It made her sad to think about what she might have been learning about before all of this.

All of those thoughts were pushed from her mind however, the second she stepped through the classroom door. The set-up was still very much the same. Nothing had changed. Well.. nothing expect for the fact that Professor Schmoe looked even more rundown and defeated than the last lesson with him.

"Good afternoon, Professor Schmoe," Lia gave a small but what she hoped was a warm smile. She found herself an empty seat and sat down, quietly taking out her things and laying them on her desk.

"Hullo, Ms. Donovan," he gave the first year the best smile he could manage. Her family was a good bunch. Finneas didn't like feeling as though he were letting them down.

Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
Aboli dreaded Muggle Studies, and she regretted taking it her NEWT year. If only she had known, last term, when she was picking her NEWT level classes in the beginning of sixth year what she was getting herself into. If only she could have foreseen the events of this year. How had her mother not even known?! She supposed the inner eye was not knowing, or there was a big reason why Ziggy had been left in the dark about this.

"Professor," Aboli said gently before taking a seat next to Minjae. She knew he was muggleborn and that this class was probably difficult for all of them to stomach right now. Ugh.


Her stomach churned as she settled. Professor Schmoe looked horrible, as usual, and Aboli wished there was something she or others could do for him. Alas, he was involved in the wrong subject matter. His only crime, really.

The closer and closer they came to the start of the lesson, the worse Finneas felt. It happened every time, of course, but they would get through it all the same. "Hullo, Ms. Song," he managed, hoping that he could convey some sort of hidden apology with his eyes.

SPOILER!!: Summers
Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Muggle Studies classes were slowly chipping away at Cece's heart and while she wished she could just skip the lessons all together, she felt like she needed to show up for Professor Schmoe. The poor guy looked super awful and sad and like he needed support, so she could do that. She could come and sit through all the horrible muggle remarks and try and be strong for him, 'cause he sure looked like he needed it.

"Hello Professor," She greeted softly, offering the guy a fleeting smile as she moved past to take her seat. She wondered what kind of awful they'd be learning about today.

Though Finneas had never been good at picking up on the feelings of others, he could tell that Ms. Summers was having an especially difficult time this year. It hurt his heart that he could not do anything to make it better and deep down, he knew his lessons were likely making it worse. It was difficult to carry on like this. It really was. "H-hullo, Cecelia," he offered her a fleeting smile in return.

SPOILER!!: Rivers
Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Muggle studies was already something she didn't like to focus on too much, yet here she was taking the ridiculous course again. It wasn't all that great in most instances but this year it seemed almost worse. Schmoe wasn't ridiculous like normal. He wasn't the kind of quirky always making you do the odd muggle activity kind of guy anymore. Granted, Charlie was fairly certain she didn't want any part of anything that had to do with muggles these days. She hadn't even been interested in making clothes these days. It didn't seem worth it at all.

Tucking a curl behind her ear she walked over and took a seat behind CeCe hoping that maybe this wouldn't be such a painful class. "Professor." She nodded and gave a faint smile to the man.

Unfortunately for them both, today's lesson would be just as painful as any other one they have had together this term. "Hullo," he offered in greeting.

SPOILER!!: Grimm
Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
This had become a class that she dreaded just as much as DADA, and Ivy wished she could just drop the class. But, honestly, even if she could, she probably wouldn't. Professor Schmoe was her Head of House, and he was clearly just as uncomfortable with the lesson topics as they were - maybe even more. So it was the least she could do to show up with everyone else and support him, even if it wasn't much.

"Hi, Professor," she said, offering him a small smile before continuing on to quickly claim an empty seat.

"Hullo," he offered Ivy a small smile that did not quite reach his eyes. His students were trying their best and so would he... No matter how uncomfortable this lesson would be for all involved.

SPOILER!!: Hemlock
Originally Posted by Zoe View Post
Originally Cornelia wasn't taking Muggle Studies lessons. But, considering how things were at the school, she managed to make the addition to her time-table early on in the school year. Honestly, it was for the best. She didn't know too much about Muggles, so she was learning a lot in this class. It all was leaving quite an impression on her, needless to say.

"Hello, Professor Schmoe," the first year greeted the man when she saw him. She offered him a smile since he looked so gloomy once again. The little girl was curious about what was going on with the noodle of a man, but not enough to ask out loud. She assumed it was because of the Neo-Alliance stuff going on ... but, well, he still had a job, right? That was something to be happy about, right?

She tried not to think too much about it. After all, the professor was an adult and could take care of himself. She was just a girl. All she was here to do was to learn, which was why the Slytherin quietly took the seat next to Dahlia and waited for the lesson to begin.

"Hullo," he offered the first year in greeting, bobbing his head. He wished he could fidget with a yo-yo, but instead he settled for the hem of his robes.

SPOILER!!: Cambridge
Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
She couldn't have been the only one who felt guilty every time she walked into the muggle studies classroom, yeah? Because maaaannnnn, Emmerson got buried a little deeper in guilt every time she came to this side of the castle and caught sight of the busted up tech lounge.

She hadn't spent much time in there, but she KNEW it meant a lot to poor Schmoe-y. How he was standing there acting like his sky wasn't falling was beyond her. She'd have laid down and given up right away.

The fact the squad ALWAYS came to this class also made it now one of her least favourites. There was never a reprieve.

"Hello Professor. You're looking just a little less tense than usual. I think Professor Smiles would consider that a...a good omen."

But the hooded bullies were definitely a BAD one. Did that cancel things out? Were they gonna have a neutral lesson???

There weren't a lot of things that made Finneas smile this term, but Emmerson Cambridge always had a comment or two that could do just that. Even a fleeting smile was a smile all the same. "Errrrr... Thank you, Ms. Cambridge?" He wasn't sure this was a compliment.

SPOILER!!: Trent
Originally Posted by pundantic View Post
Kale Trent spent most of his time this term fluctuating between, like, physically burying his head in the sand and talking himself out of throwing more shoes at hooded dudes’ heads. Sure, it was satisfying, but the consequences weren’t cool. They were the opposite of cool.

And he knew Schmoe was having a rough go of it, too. Cuz like the whole Alliance or whatever was trying to argue that muggles were uselessly. And Schmoe’s whole, like, job or whatever was to advocate for Muggle history and value.

So when he walked into Muggle Studies he smiled at the shaky-looking Professor. “Heya Professor.” And quietly went to his seat.

Finneas was continuing with this backward curriculum, in part, because he did not want his students to suffer the same fate he had. When news of that first DADA class had made its way around the castle, Finneas' heart nearly stopped.

And though he could not manage a proper smile, he did try a little harder for Kale. "Hello, Mr. Trent."

SPOILER!!: Jones
Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Heath’s heart sank with every step he took toward the muggle studies classroom. Although he found Professor Schmoe’s teaching methods a bit… weird at times, he had genuinely enjoyed his lessons up until this term because it was clear that Schmoe cared about the subject. Now the class was just a bitter reminder of a world he couldn’t go back to. With every lesson, the anger at Rosier’s brand of bigotry, the fear that that bigotry would one day be directed at him as a halfblood, the self-doubt that maybe his background really did make him inferior, grew. He felt like a blaster about to go off at any moment!

Trying to push through thoughts out of his mind, he trudged into the classroom to find Professor Schmoe at the front of the room. The man looked every bit as terrible as Heath felt! His heart went out to him. Whatever he felt about the new curriculum, he didn’t blame Professor Schmoe for it. “Good afternoon, Professor Schmoe,” he greeted with a polite nod and the faintest hint of a smile. It would have been more, but he worried that if he smiled too much or looked at the professor too sympathetically, he’d be hexed by the hooded goons who he expected to make an appearance any time.

As usual, he beelined for the back of the room. Familiar habits and familiar people were a source of comfort now that his world had gone completely mad. He almost took a seat beside Claudine but stopped himself just in time, taking the one that neighbored her diagonally (one row ahead and one seat to the right). Close enough to feel normal but hopefully not close enough to draw any hoods’ attention. He only dared risk a polite nod in greeting as he sat down, neatly arranging his supplies in font of him.

Finneas hurt for students like Heathcliffe who had always shown such care for the subject. The guilt was unbearable. "H-hullo, Mr. Jones. Good afternoon." His smile faded immediately as the Ravenclaw turned to find a seat.

SPOILER!!: Phillips
Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Valencia offered the Professor a small smile. It was obvious that this year was taking a very physical toll on him. "Hello Professor." she greeted as she passed. She then immediately looked to see where the hooded figures were. She was determined to get a count of hooded figures but that was rather difficult when they all looked the same.

But maybe she could catch a glimpse of their wands. She still couldn't identify wand woods, especially from a distance, but color... she could maybe figure out color? That would get her further into her calculations than she currently was.

Once that was done... the next step was... everything else. She was feeling like the Professor was looking, but thinking about things made the day to day updated curriculum bearable.

She glanced at the Professor again. Maybe she should make him a cake or something? That would also be a nice distraction.

Finneas twitched uncomfortably as more students trickled in. "Good afternoon, Valencia," he tried his best to give her a small smile as she made her way for a desk.

SPOILER!!: Horton
Originally Posted by griffin View Post
Devin had come to dread classes. It seemed that The Hoods ™ had found a way to discriminate against the muggleborns in every class, and muggle studies was clearly where they had the most freedom to push through their anti-muggle agenda. This really sucked. Muggle Studies used to be fun. ”Hello, Professor.” Devin greeted Professor Schmoe as he entered the classroom. Merlin, look at the state of the poor man. Schmoe didn’t look well at all. ”Are you ill, professor?” He was getting quite concerned for the health and wellbeing of the muggle studies professor. Devin took a seat and anxiously waited to see what anti-muggle rhetoric would be forced upon them today. He hated what they were being taught about muggles this year. It was just wrong.

Finneas leaned over against the board, feeling exhausted and needing to sit down. With the arrival of the next student, however, he tried his best to straighten up. "Hullo," he stopped short with a twitch. "Errr... I err... I do not believe so." He scratched his head. He did feel ill.

SPOILER!!: Ellerby
Originally Posted by Anna Banana View Post
Delilah would be lying if she said she wasn't dreading this class. It wasn't because of Schmoe or Muggle Studies, though. It was just the fact that this was what those hooded figures hated so much. She knew the curriculum had changed, but that didn't make it any easier. She always figured something extra terrible was going to happen to somebody during Muggle Studies.

She walked in and side-eyed the professor. He didn't look any happier about class than Delilah did. He actually looked pretty miserable. Deciding to keep it short and to the point, the first year gave him a simple, "Hello, Professor." She took a seat in a desk right in the middle. She figured the hooded people would either take the very front or the very back, so the middle seemed safe.

And Finneas, too, would be lying if he said he wasn't dreading teaching this class. He loved his job, he really did. He loved his students, he really did. But he did not love what it had all devolved to. "Hello." It was difficult to keep hope.

SPOILER!!: Flamsteed, Atlas
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
More and more, Atlas could not look at Professor Schmoe and today was a class where his eyes stayed GLUED to his feet. It was obvious to the Gryffindor what was going on, what Rosier and The Hoods™ must be doing to him behind closed doors, and the blonde had berated himself to horribly the other night for feeling relieved that at least there were not doing it in front of students. The whole thing made him sick to his stomach and was why Atlas had skipped over eating entirely. Any day there was a Muggle Studies lesson was a day he struggled to eat. And drink, for that matter, which helped maintain an empty bladder since THEY were always present as well.

Quickly shuffling to find himself a seat besides fellow first year Delilah, he did what he did best these days....and kept his head down. Maybe a middle seat would be safer than somewhere around the perimeter where The Hoods™ walked around with more ease.

Finneas silently understood why Atlas silently made his way to a seat without stopping to say hello. Though it did make Finneas feel some miserable way (as most things these days seemed to do), he did not draw any attention to the boy and watched quietly from by his desk as one of the Mr. Flamsteed[s] made his way to a seat.

Finneas did his best to pay the hooded figures no mind. Their presence made him uncomfortable and he was silently thankful for the industrial strength deodorant he had reapplied just after lunch. Even with the warning that the Inquisitorial Squad would be present for each of his lessons, Finneas couldn't help but feel uneasy each and every time. Unfortunately however, the Schmoe must go on if they all wanted to make it out of the lesson alive.

Errrrrrrrr... Anyway, AnYwAy, ANYWAY.

He checked his watch one last time before hobbling over to close the door and then returning back to center stage classroom. It took him a little longer than it ought to take someone to do such tasks, but he was managing the best he could.

"Errr.... Good afternoon everyone," he paused, looking around the room and blinked profusely (as one does). "I, er, let's begin with some review..." He hesitated before continuing on, "Why are wizards better than muggles? And, er, please think critically." In other words, a simple 'magic' would not be enough. The Inquisitorial Squad had sickening standards. And once again, he was feeling quite ill.

OOC: Hi, friends ^^ Thanks for joining us, super stoked to have y'all here <3 Class has officially STARTED! We'll be moving to the next question in approximately 22-24 Hours! The question is: Why are wizards better than muggles?
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