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Originally Posted by Zoe View Post
Dante quietly waited for Truebridge to think over the suggestion that had been made. It certainly was an option that he personally wanted to avoid; he, believe it or not, didn't want to get inside the Unspeakable's head in such a manner, not to mention this was something very few were aware he was capable of. But, when the traditional methods didn't work, one had to go to such measures as a last resort.

He knew it was risky suggesting such a thing, though the Obliviator had a hunch that Truebridge would agree to it. If there was anything these meetings had taught him, it was that Truebridge was quite determined to do whatever it took to get that memory restored. The pause did not phase him in the slightest, and the answer that eventually came out of the man's mouth didn't either.

"I trust that you will keep this ability of mine quiet," Dante replied, "just like I will be keeping whatever I might discover quiet." That was all he said on the matter before he turned the chair he was in so he could face Truebridge properly and leaned slightly forward. "Eye contact must be kept at all times," he continued, getting right to business. "And I do recommend not resisting. It'll make navigating your mind much easier."
Mmm, sure, he could trust David with that. He was, after all, an Unspeakable. He was comfortable with secrets.

"That's fair," he stated calmly, trying not to twitch at the sudden sound of the chair scraping the floor as Zabini turned it. So he was going straight in, was he? David's stomach turned over suddenly, but he nodded to the instructions and started the business of clearing his mind, pushing aside all the thoughts that immediately started pouring in the moment he told himself to relax. It was always like this, wasn't it? He was suddenly feeling like a small child, like he had the first time he'd been taken to an occlumency lesson, in that large, stone house in the middle of nowhere, on a rainy day in October... why they'd had to leave Hogsmeade for that, he didn't know...

He focused his blue eyes on Zabini's darker ones, trying not to blink either as he waited for the dreaded invasion to begin.

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