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She couldn't have been the only one who felt guilty every time she walked into the muggle studies classroom, yeah? Because maaaannnnn, Emmerson got buried a little deeper in guilt every time she came to this side of the castle and caught sight of the busted up tech lounge.

She hadn't spent much time in there, but she KNEW it meant a lot to poor Schmoe-y. How he was standing there acting like his sky wasn't falling was beyond her. She'd have laid down and given up right away.

The fact the squad ALWAYS came to this class also made it now one of her least favourites. There was never a reprieve.

"Hello Professor. You're looking just a little less tense than usual. I think Professor Smiles would consider that a...a good omen."

But the hooded bullies were definitely a BAD one. Did that cancel things out? Were they gonna have a neutral lesson???
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