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Originally Cornelia wasn't taking Muggle Studies lessons. But, considering how things were at the school, she managed to make the addition to her time-table early on in the school year. Honestly, it was for the best. She didn't know too much about Muggles, so she was learning a lot in this class. It all was leaving quite an impression on her, needless to say.

"Hello, Professor Schmoe," the first year greeted the man when she saw him. She offered him a smile since he looked so gloomy once again. The little girl was curious about what was going on with the noodle of a man, but not enough to ask out loud. She assumed it was because of the Neo-Alliance stuff going on ... but, well, he still had a job, right? That was something to be happy about, right?

She tried not to think too much about it. After all, the professor was an adult and could take care of himself. She was just a girl. All she was here to do was to learn, which was why the Slytherin quietly took the seat next to Dahlia and waited for the lesson to begin.

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