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Bernie had done her best to convince herself that this class could still be useful, that she was just now having the wool pulled down from her eyes, that she was being exposed to the biases many wizards had against her family and people like her. Why, without this year, she might have naively graduated from Hogwarts thinking that many witches and wizards had put the issue of blood status behind them. She might have never known how nefarious certain people could be. And if she were going to become a Dark wizard catcher one day, she'd surely need to know how to think like one, right? Right.

So, ultimately, Bernie was still here, though much subdued, and frowning much more than she normally would have as she entered Schmoe's classroom. "Hi, Professor," she greeted him as levelley as possible, with a very small nod of resignation. Bernie picked out a seat that had a view of the window and sat down, resting her chin on her hand and trying not to think too much of better days and lessons in this room.

Remember when she'd been hit upside the head by a book? Good times.
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