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Tadhg was glad nothing happened to her while she was out here, with those hooded people and the Headmaster he was scared really scared. "Don't worry Lia, I'll be okay I promise. Of course he was a troublemaker, but he knew not to cross these guys, not when he seen what they can do. He would do anything to keep her safe and out of harms way, she was his best friend and they stick together. He could only hope that this term went by fast, he really wanted to go home and be safe wirh his family.

His blue eyes looked around the place and smiled. "I bet we will, I mean look at the size of this place!" There had to be creatures around here somewhere right? Best to wait and find out. He was determined to find a creature just to make her smile, she looked so sad and scared. He nodded his head understanding what she meant, it was hard to think about other things when bad things keep happening, but he was trying his best. He smiled and nodded. "You got it Bubbles, now lets find us some creatures hm?"
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