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Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
The chances of Scottie being at his desk was very low. In fact, he only ever saw his desk three short minutes a day, usually: to drop off his stuff in the morning, MAYBE during his lunch, and then to pick up his things at the end of his work day. Some days he might eat lunch at his desk, but he preferred to be elsewhere. It was rare security had any desk work to do, but he supposed it was out of decorum that he had one at all.

It was a rare day where he had just gotten off duty at the entrance. He had a horrendous headache, and he needed a quick stop at his desk to take a bit of a potion to help out with that. He sat at his chair, pulled open the top drawer, and groooooaaaaaaned at the lack of potion vial. WHERE HAD IT GONE? He hadn't even NEEDED it yet since he started at the ministry almost - what was it - a year ago?!

He rubbed his forehead before groaning again.
A little paper airplane, like the memos from the good old days when a much older Ferguson worked in this very office, floated into the work area and over to Scott Ferguson's desk. This was no ordinary memo, though. It was an exquisitely folded piece of thick cardstock and was emblazoned with the logo of The Ministry of Magic. Just a bit of golden font reading From the Desk of Senior Undersecretary Fletcher was also visible at the top of the plane.

The airplane hovered above the security officer's head as he groaned, quivering a little in the extra wind caused by his exhale, and then it dive-bomb-landed next to Scottie's hand. It continued to twitch there, eager for him to open it and follow its instructions, the last part of which stated BURN IMMEDIATELY AFTER READING.

What a lovely memo!
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