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He didn't mean to scare her, he felf bad about doing so when she looked so peaceful. "I'm sorry Bubbles, I didn't mean to scare you, I'm sorry." Although she was righr, maybe they needed Charms or a spell to let him know when something was coming or so? That would work, he knew some but didn't know if he was able to cast them.

Looking around he frowned. "You don't think they're hiding do you? I mean after what happened with the owls, I don't blame them." He would be the same thing if he was a Jarvey or even a creature for that matter. "I'm sure they'll be here, just gotta wait." Looking over at her he nudge her gently. "Hey no frowning faces, it'll be okay Bubbles." Although he didn't know how but he was trying to stay positive.
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