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Mamie was pleased with the results of her charm for a split second--she did hit her target, no more dummy by the pretzel stand. But then there was screaming, and she turned around and...all the other dummies were running around and screaming and yelling. Her eyes widened. She hadn't known these dummies could vocalize. The whole thing felt a little too real.

Feeling panicked, Mamie gripped her wand more tightly and held onto the nearby vendor cart for a moment. Trying to stay calm. One more dummy...Bazillion pieces. She just had to remember...Dummies were not people.

Taking another deep breath, she raised her wand again. She spotted a smaller dummy that...well, it had gotten left behind, or its bigger dummy companion was already in smithereens. Not real. It's just...a very creepy doll. She just had to destroy a creepy doll. Making a careful equilateral triangle in its direction, she cast the spell again, aiming right at its head. "Bombarda!"

No more head.

Mamie quickly looked away. In the midst of the chaos, she caught sight of a first year [Delilah] with her wand down, who looked like she'd given up.

Mamie didn't want to find out what Rosier would do if any of them failed to complete the whole assignment. She dodged a few running dummies and fellow students to reach the girl and gently placed a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, it's okay," she reassured. "They-they're not really alive." She glanced around at the uncomfortably realistic dummies. Maybe helping someone else would make this easier for her, too.

"Say, why don't you hold my hand, and we'll practice together?" Mamie offered her hand and raised her wand, watching the girl a bit to see if she would follow her lead.
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