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I solemnly swear that I am up for this challenge for the 2nd year in a row

Bravery (Read a book that is in a format or genre outside of your comfort zone)
*The Whisper Man / by: Alex North (complete)

Impulsive (Read the first book you touch/see)
*The Silent Patient / by: Alex Michaelides (complete)

Determination (Read a book that you've been putting off)

Loyalty (Reread an old favourite or read the next book in a series)
*Twilight / by: Stephenie Meyer (complete)

Hard-Working (Read a book that took the author 10 or more years to write)

Patient (Read a 2021 release)

Knowledge (Read a non-fiction book)
*Unorthodox / by: Deborah Feldman (complete)

Wit (Read a humorous book)
*Two for the Money / by: Janet Evanovich (complete)

Creativity (Read a book that has a cover you really like)

Ambitious (Read a book that's 450 pages or longer)

Tradition (Read a book recommended by another member of Snitchseeker)

Pride (Read a book with a main character who you think would be in your Hogwarts house)

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