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Cornelia was a sponge. A fair bit of it of the things that happened and were said during the lesson made sense to her. It only seemed right that people were held accountable for lying, and people having their mouths temporarily removed or being on the receiving end of that one curse for being rude seemed reasonable too. They had been warned. She was glad to be smart enough to listen to that warning and not cause trouble for herself.

When it came to the topic of their lesson, it did seem rather unfair to her that they had to hide their magic when Muggles got to roam around freely in the open. Wizards and witches in the past were even killed because they were magical, which was a fact that did not sit well with the first year.

But then there were certain things that her eleven year old mind couldn't wrap around. The only solution to the Muggle problem they were facing, according to the headmaster, was killing them all. That was ... a lot to take in. Nevertheless, his message was clear as crystal. As for her stance on that, well, the whole idea of killing someone made her feel a bit uneasy.

She was relieved though when the lesson shifted from discussion to practising magic. The blonde-haired girl was excited to finally put her wand to use. She was in awe when the room seemed to take them to another place. Even the moving dummies were impressive. Then it hit her. They had to blow the dummies up, dummies that looked real. If they were attacking her and wanted to harm her, she very likely would have jumped into this activity without hesitation to defend herself. This scenario, however, was different.

"Bombarda!" she shouted, moving her wand in a triangular motion like Headmaster Rosier had done. Nothing happened. She casted again. Nothing. Not even a spark. At this point, the first year was getting frustrated. "Bombarda!" she shouted again, more forcefully. This time a spark came from her wand, but that was all.

She stood there, her face slowly but surely turning red. She was making a fool of herself, which angered her. She wanted to succeed, even if it meant blowing up something so lifelike. Pull yourself together, Cornelia. They're just dummies They aren't real people.

Harnessing her anger and focusing it, she pointed her wand at an adult-sized dummy that was carrying a smaller dummy. She could feel something bubbling within her. "BOMBARDA!"

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