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Unforgivably Cursed | adultescent

This was bad, a nightmare even. Was he still sleeping? Morgan sure wished that he was, or that he even overslept and missed class altogether.

First, there was the searing pain across his forehead shortly after he walked in, causing him to cry out in surprise, and pain of course, and cover his head with his hand. He was unpleasantly confused at first, until he saw other students with seared words across their foreheads - LIAR. And then he was even more confused. Was that on his head too? A question that he had verbally expressed to no one and everyone at the same time. What had he lied about?? Nothing that he could remember recently, at least not intentionally.

And then people were losing their mouths (he didn't even know that was a thing that was possible!) and Kale! Morgan was horrified to witness a real life crucio on his mate, never mind him missing the one done on the second year at the feast. He had been a little too distracted at the time. Stunned and horrified, but what could he do really? Especially when that second year had a wand to her throat, the headmaster forcing them in line with the threats of student deaths.

Any other day, Morgan would be so pumped to practice the exploding spell in class. This wasn't exactly a normal day though, was it? He was a little shaken over the first half of class, and he didn't want to think of how it could get worse, but.... okay it was still the explosion spell and he wanted to make things blow up.

......but.... then the dummies were made to look like people. This was kind of gross and off-putting - even if he liked explosions. Morgan tried to put that out of his mind and remember that these were just dummies and not real people. Yeah! Just dummies! He could totally do this! And he did like blowing things up, so this would be totally cool. Sure, sure.

Looking towards a particularly large dummy, Morgan whipped his wand into the triangle formation - he'd done this before on different objects - and cast confidently, "Bombarda!"
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