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Tadhg hated his answer anyways, he really didn't care if he gotten it right or if he didn't, he just didn't want to get hurt for not answering. All of these right answers were all wrong and nonsense, not all muggles were bad. If he wasn't afraid of getting hurt, he would walk straight out. He definitely didn't want to come back to lessons after this one, nope nope.

Seeing Ash released he let out a small sigh in relief, but there was hate in his blue eyes. He was glad that she was okay, although a wand pointed to your throat and your hair pulled definitely wasn't okay, but she wasn't tortured or anything. Tadhg was lucky himself he wasn't tortured, but he was speaking the truth. He wished they would get overthrown or so, but he didn't see it happening.

They were doing what?! Did he hear him right, they were doing Bombaarda on dummies? Looking at the dummies he swallowed hard at some of them, some of them were kids and a mother with a baby. Okay... this was just cruel and mean, but what choice did he have? Looking at Curtis he gave him a nod in thanks, that was one he didn't have to do.

Getting his hand out of his Common Green Welsh holster he looked at the man dummy. With all the anger inside him, he looked at the dummy doing the triangular motion. " Bombarda!" As the dummy exploded he felt like he was going to be sick. Taking a quick glance at Dahlia Bubbles he bit his lip.
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