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Originally Posted by NiallNIP View Post
Quinn was sitting on one of the benches in the courtyard, poring over Hogwarts: A History. He was learning a lot, actually—the prejudice on blood heritage (which he also learned was mostly diminished, so these Neo-Alliance people were the odd ones out), the founders of the school, and even things about the Second Wizarding War. A lot of this seemed to have ties to what was happening now, specifically the views of the Deatheaters seemingly making a return with the Neo-Alliance. Quinn wasn't as worried about the things he didn't know now, but he realized there was still a lot to learn if he wanted to know everything about the situation he was in.

Quinn also had a stack of books next to him on the bench of various branches of history, types of magic, and even some on magical plants for fun. And Quinn planned on combing through all of them. Quinn shifted on the bench, causing his leg to hit the stack of books, causing the books to tumble to the ground. "Aw, jeez," he mumbled, putting down Hogwarts: A History to pick up the books from off the ground.
Apollo was in need of fresh air more than anything because after only a couple days in the castle, it was feeling very stuffy which was in great contrast to what his family members had talked about when they discussed Hogwarts. Hands shoved into into his robe pockets, he kicked randomly at the grass, trying to make sense of the events. He never imagined that blood purity was still a thing in the 22nd century and yet here they were and it seemed to be quite relevant. How odd.

He frowned when he spotted a young boy, whom he recognized from the sorting ceremony, having dropped his books on the ground. "Hey. You alright?" He asked, taking note of the book titles. Was Hogwarts: A History outdated? Apollo didn't know, as he hadn't read it. All his history and knowledge about Hogwarts came from family and friends, not a book. But he didn't really have the attention span to read either.
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