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Text Cut: greetings!
SPOILER!!: Astrocat
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ash walked to class worriedly. What was this maze? It wasn't a death trap, was it? Ash didn't trust anyone but her friends, actually. She learned that the hard way. You couldn't trust your family, you couldn't trust the school, and you definitely couldn't trust the government. Looking extremely sleep-deprived and upset, she stood beside the professor. "Not trying to kill us are you professor?" It was only half a joke. There were people at this school who probably did want her dead. She didn't say good morning. It was never a good morning.
This kid.

"Not today, at least," Williamson grunted in reply to the first student to arrive. Ah, Fox, was it? He glanced around and then quickly winked at her so fast that it probably just looked like an eye twitch. "You don't have to consider ME a threat."

It was fine, he could say that. No one was around to hear, were they? Actually, scratch that. He had a job to do here and he couldn't go around encouraging the kids and giving them false hope.

But really, he wasn't a threat.

SPOILER!!: Alicia
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Claudine stared and stared at the latest change to the surroundings. Her brows furrowed as she was not pleased with said change. The hedges seemed to go on endlessly and just plainly disrupted the comfort the usual setting brought to her. Hmph. Still... there was a curiosity about her about what may be among the thick, leafy hedges.

“Hi, Professor,’’ the fifth year greeted brightly. Williamson and CoMC always cheered her up. “Can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned for us today.’’
"Hi Claudine," Williamson returned the fifth year's greeting. Ah, these kids. They were going to break his heart this year, weren't they? He gave her a half-smile for that comment. It was about all he could muster today.

Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
Aboli felt solace in the fact that Professor W was still here, alive and kicking. She arrived pretty early to the lesson, her hands shoved in her robe pockets as she nodded to the younger girl, Ash, whom Aboli had spoken to on a few occasions last term. She also gave a nod to Claudine.

Glum was what Aboli wore in her heart, lately, but to keep herself manageable she wore a blank stare most of the time. "Morning, Professor," she said in an emotionless voice. Eventually this would all be normalized, right, and then she could begin to survive better. Once bad situations were normalized, people could survive more readily. She just needed to get to that point, see past the numbness, and do what she needed to do to keep herself and her loved ones all right.

What a ride Hogwarts had been. Aboli thought she would wish her final year to go slowly, but now....well....
"Morning, Song," Williamson returned the Slytherin's greeting. He felt bad for the kids, all of them, but especially for the ones who had to suffer through their final years under this.... new management of theirs. The firsties might forget the trauma, but the older kids? This could be their last impression of Hogwarts.

He sighed and looked to the next student.... who was, oi oi, sidling up to Aboli, was he?

Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Seventh year was supposed to be awful anyway, wasn't it? The boy had supposed so. He had remembered seeing a few seventh years looking upset or bothered by exams or life in general. On the train prior to arriving, he had been quite chipper. Yet his emotions were turning out to be quite..... interesting with peaks and valleys like a rollercoaster track. Yep, the feast had been.... scary. He joined the group of students, offering Professor W a weak smile before sidling up to Aboli. He gave the other students a small nod before turning his gaze before the maze. Oh how he missed the kneazle lesson now.

"Hey," he said before trying to flash her an upbeat smile despite not really feeling so hot. He leaned over to the Slytherin and offered a jest. "Maybe there's a portkey inside that will wiz us away?
...actually, this one might be alright. "I wish I'd thought to do that," he mumbled to himself. Shoot. Was it too late to remove one of the gloves from his pocket and make it a portkey?

Originally Posted by Fireheart View Post
Avalon had never been so happy to see Professor Williamson. He was a reminder of some degree of normalcy, and that comforted her. At first, she had been incredibly worried that all of the professors were polyjuiced like Trent. But she reminded herself that they probably would have revealed themselves by now, so she was fairly confident that Williamson was the real Williamson.

She greeted him with an exasperated smile as she approached the hedges, unable to muster her usual energy in light of current circumstances. "Hello, professor." A maze? It sounded like a fun challenge, though a part of her wondered what horrid surprise would be waiting for them inside. Perhaps some awful new member of the alliance.
The not-having-prefects thing was still weird, and Williamson almost greeted Avalon with her old title. But he caught himself in time and gave her a calm nod of greeting. "Hello." He wanted to tell her to cheer up, that there was no wampus inside, but...

Well, these hedge mazes had a tendency to take on a life of their own, didn't they?

SPOILER!!: Bonana
Originally Posted by Anna Banana View Post
Delilah quietly made her way from the castle and down to where her next class was to be held. She was usually happier and more excited about new adventures than this. She still felt so alone, so small, and so helpless here, though. She wanted to go back to the orphanage, something she never thought she'd hear herself say.

If she didn't feel super small before (which she had), she would definitely feel super small now next to the rows and rows of hedges. Most of them more than doubled her height. It made her feel a little better to lower her gaze and look at her professor. Although taller than her, he definitely wasn't as tall as the hedges.

"Hello, Professor," she said. Was he really the professor? Or was his face going to melt away, too? She grew wide-eyed when the hedge beside her gave a little shake, and she instinctively moved away from it. They could call her a Gryffindor all they wanted, but this school scared her. It was official. She trusted no one.
Ah, fresh meat.

Only joking.

This Gryffindor so far seemed calmer than last year's batch of firsties. "Hello," he replied, watching carefully as she scooted away. Yep, she had a healthy fear of the unknown. He could work with that.

SPOILER!!: Taylor
Originally Posted by pundantic View Post
Kale was pretty much operating at a quarter-Kale capacity. There was no fancy dance in his step or a smile to be seen. He had been pretty much eaten alive by worry and sadness. For obvious Trent reasons.

But he still managed to wander down to Williamson’s class. Cuz he was cool. And a lil bit of normalcy sounded nice.

Still. He didn’t have the heart to say hello. He just kinda lifted his hand in greeting and joined the growing crowd.
This one, though... just made Willy feel worried. Malachi's kids went here and both of them were super defensive about their pops, as he'd learned on the field trip last year. He understood if Kale could only greet him with a wave. He'd seen what had happened at the feast...

So he waved back to him, just a small, short but friendly wave. It would be alright, Kale Trent. They would make it through.


Originally Posted by NiallNIP View Post
Quinn walked up to the... class? Quinn wasn't sure that it could be classified as such, unless they had to get to find the chalkboard in the maze, too. When the hedges rustled, he decided that that wouldn't be the case—and that he wouldn't be setting foot inside the maze.

Quinn was a tad perkier than he had been previously—still not quite to the title of "happy," but less numb, at least. "Hello, Professor." He examined the hedges, still wondering what was inside, but altogether not so eager to find out.
Another firstie from the boats; he thought he recognized this one. "Hello." Hopefully, curiosity wouldn't kill the eagle before they got into the maze properly.

SPOILER!!: Lisseh
Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
Adam was looking forward to Care of Magical Creatures because...well, it wasn't taught by that lunatic Rosier. He was hoping that whatever they were studying would put his mind at ease for a few moments and distract him from the lingering soreness he felt from his attack at the feast.

"Hey Professor Williamson," he said with a soft smile, trying to put on a brave face for the professor. So far, everyone seemed to be on the side of the students - well, ok, he didn't know about those NEW ones. There were a LOT of them this term too. He was keeping an eye on them...but Williamson was cool.
Ah, this poor kid. William had seen him get hit by some kind of spell from those Neo-Alliance goons... but the kid looked alright, so he quickly turned his face from concerned back to neutral. "Hey, Adam," he greeted him kindly. "Alright there?"

SPOILER!!: Gavin
Originally Posted by aRogueOne View Post

Confusion was clearly the dominating factor on Ingrid’s faces she headed through the grounds towards where she thought the Care of Magical Creatures lesson was taking place but it seemed that someone else clearly had a different idea. Instead of their usual learning space, there was a ginormous 10-foot hedge in the way blocking all but the sun light!

Luckily for her, she could see Professor Williamson standing in front of the hedge and without another moment, headed straight towards him with a smile that was surprisingly large considering how the year had started. “Good morning Professor. What’s with the large hedge? Don’t tell me you’re going to make us climb it?”, she joked, her voice full of humour as she flashed a smile at him and headed straight over to the other students. It seemed that even the school being taken over by dark wizards couldn’t dampen her love for Care of Magical Creatures.

Tying her long black hair back in a high ponytail, Ingrid settled near one of the older Ravenclaw student’s (Avalon) because she still wasn’t sure she could deal with the pessimistic drawling’s of Ashley, and waited for the lesson to begin.
...what had he said about curiosity killing the Ravenclaws? He let out a low little chuckle at Ingrid's questions.

"This isn't a quidditch bootcamp, kiddo, don't wory," he briefly smiled the smallest of smiles back at her. At least SOME had kept their spirits up. Maybe the Ravenclaws had already brained a way out of this mess. He wouldn't put it past them; they were ALMOST as good at surviving as his old House.

Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

Curtis arrived at the lesson, gazing lazily at the sight of the tall hedges. A maze.. This might be fun. Would they get to be chased by creatures to the exit? Maybe someone would get trapped and require rescuing by someone that isn't him?

"Hello Professor," Curtis greeted, before walking over with the others standing. The hedges even gave a little shake. Now he was wondering what the triple W had planned for them.
Speaking of...

"Hello, Curtis," he greeted his classmates' son. "Sure miss your dad this year. This wasn't easy to build." He thumbed over his shoulder at the hedges. William had been working ALL SUMMER on these grounds, but did anyone even notice? NOOOOOOoooooooooooooOoOOO, all they could talk about was the stupid takeover.

SPOILER!!: Jaaaaaay
Originally Posted by Uncle Moose View Post
Moose followed some of his classmates down to the usual location for where Care of Magical Creatures was located. He stopped a moment to tilt his head back and see just how tall the hedges here went up? They had to be 2 no maybe 3 times his height?

It was a Maze for sure. Great a lesson he can get educationally and physically lost in. He looked back down and over toward the Care of Magical Creatures Professor, and was about to say the typical hellos until he saw some rustling in the hedges themselves. "great." Moose muttered to himself just knowing this class wouldn't go well for him either.

choosing not to say anything toward Professor Williamson. Moose took one of the shipping crates for himself and sat down.
"It WILL be great," he assured the young Slytherin. "Just wait. Just watch and learn." Er, maybe participate and learn. Yes. Do that.

And, "Don't sit on that." He reached down and tugged the boy off the crate by his collar alone, giving him a gentle-ish push toward the other kids. "You never know what's in an unlabeled crate. Don't do that again." Ever.

SPOILER!!: Ern-la
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
At least Professor Jawline was still here and looking like his cranky, glorious self, but it really made a girl question her appreciation of a professor if he just rolled over and let a bunch of Troll-men take over the school. Phoebe gave the professor a half-hearted wave and ponytail flip as she eyed the hedges.

Not ominous at all, Jawline.

"Professor. Hope your long term plans include keeping everyone alive this term."
"How did you get ahold of my lesson planning book," Williamson mumbled back at Phoebe, half-smiling at her though his amusement didn't quite reach the laugh lines by his eyes.

Listen, he'd been through a lot in all his years at Hogwarts. This? Just another year of typical shenanigans.


But all the same? He really missed Gaellen Tate and his 'don't die' speeches right about now.

SPOILER!!: Kristin!
Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
There was curiosity as to how lessons were going to go every term at the beginning, and there was this term. So far, Gracelyn had begun compiling a list in her head of professors she thought were trustworthy. It wasn’t a long list yet, but certain professors were getting the benefit of the doubt due to having been hired pre-not!headmaster. Plus, there were the subtle reactions she had noticed once she’d paid attention to the staff table back at the start-of-term feast. But still, she was reserving judgment on other professors (not the not!headmaster because he was automatically on her not to be trusted list).

Professor Williamson was on the good list, though, and she’d given him a small smile as she had arrived for the CoMC lesson. “Hello Professor Williamson,” she added, choosing a spot by Kale out of solidarity. Only then did she transfer her attention to the hedge maze and the rustling within. As far as she could guess, he wasn’t going to risk their lives, at least. Hopefully.
"Hello," he replied to the Hufflepuff, noticing where she stood. Good. It was good that Kale had some friends here, because he'd be needing them.

SPOILER!!: AriFerrari
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Kinsay dragged her feet all the way to creatures class. Everything was terrible and yet Mr. Williamson looked none the wiser. Had he been paying ANY attention at the feast? Where was his panic? Where was the sense of impending doom? Where was the ESCAPE STRATEGY?

He looked even more wrinkly now. Complying with neo-alliances must do that to a person.

”Can we hide in the maze forever? It was an honest question. And a test. To see if Mr. Williamson REALLY cared about them at all.

Only then did Kiz search the area for Emm and because the BEST FRIEND was not yet present, she went and stood by Moose instead. ”Hi,” was all she said, lest Professor Williamson call her incessant too.
Like this one. Actually? She was one of the more sensible second years.

"That's..." he started to say, then paused as a few things clicked in his mind, "...something that would be frowned upon." By their new management, see? But he didn't say no, either. Instead, William did his best to hide the smile that was twitching at the corner of his mouth.

Keep thinking that way, Kinsay James. Maybe she and Nam (who'd suggested a portkey) were onto something.

SPOILER!!: Parcel Mouth
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Long time, no troll. Nem had almost missed Professor Weasley.

Oh wait, no. That had only been a touch of indigestion. Never mind.

The creatures though? Sure, Nem was ready to see them. Walter White was okay too. "Hello, Professor William's son." Did he catch that? He wasn't supposed to. Or maybe it was. Hard to tell with this kid.

Huh. William, William's son. Where had Nem heard that before?

Standing by, Nemesis briefly studied the boxes, then the maze, then turned their attention to quietly inspecting their nails.
"What's up, stead?" Williamson returned the greeting, knowing full well that he'd probably used that dad joke before and honestly not caring a bit about it.

This one was one to watch, though. Nem had... great self-preservation instincts, so long as their clever mouth didn't land them in hot water first.

SPOILER!!: Josey!
Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Mamie always liked getting out of the castle, and she especially liked it now that the castle had been invaded by mean, scary people. She peered upward as she approached the big hedges that were where the magical creatures class area usually was. Huh. Maybe they were learning about a creature that liked to hide today. Hiding was fine.

"Hello, professor," she said as she made her way to stand by a Ravenclaw (Quinn) she didn't know yet, probably a first year. "Hi," she said to them.
"Hello," he smiled a little to the latest Hufflepuff to join the class. It was good to see some kids had chosen to return to Hogwarts after the, uh, events of the previous year. He wondered if any would be allowed back after this hostage situation (assuming it ever ended...)

Maybe he shouldn't be making such assumptions.

SPOILER!!: Lindseyyyy
Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
Just the fact that he got to get out of the castle for this lesson was enough to slightly cheer him up. Minjae followed behind a couple of other students as he walked down the path towards class, his hands holding on to his backpack as he went down. Once he arrived, the Hufflepuff took a mental note of his surroundings, especially the bushes and as he walked behind Nemesis to greet the professor as well he caught what the slytherin was saying.

He got the name joke immediately. Having been on edge this whole time, Minjae couldn't help but let out a snort because apparently that was funny to him now even though he knew it normally wouldn't. "Hello professor, im glad to be out of the castle for a while" he greeted.
"It wasn't that funny," Williamson grumbled quickly, tempted to get Minjae's name wrong on purpose. But he supposed there were enough villains in the school right now, so he didn't need to pile on. Plus Minjae was... glad to be here?

Minjae? Looking forward to Creatures class? And not carrying a goofy little umbrella or something similar? Williamson squinted at him. "Are you sure you're feeling well, Yoon?"

SPOILER!!: Lady of Light
Originally Posted by Lady of Light View Post
Valentina made her way down to the grounds, REALLY glad to get out of the castle for some much needed fresh air and also trying not to think about all the scary things that have happened. Her long blonde hair neatly braided in a plait, she curiously eyed the thick hedges - wait WAIT were the hedges shaking?? Was there something scary inside??

She quickly walked over to where the rest of the students were, smiling brightly at her favourite Professor. “Hello, sir!!”
"Hello!" Williamson returned the smile with a much dimmer one. Still, it was good to see the Gryffindor. She always did well in his class. Hopefully, she'd still be enjoying it after she made it through the maze...

SPOILER!!: Kathhhhhh
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Besides Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures was a lesson that Atlas found a warm comfort in. Having little to do with the subject itself and all to do with the man who taught it, so his anxious and twitchy budding Gryffindor heart elated when he approached the area and saw him. Even more relief when he heard the man...though there was also a subconscious fear that this man was not THE actual Professor Williamson but someone else in polyjuice form. With the things he saw during the feast and the things he had heard...could you really blame the kid?

He really needed to work out a coded language with him and Auntie June.

But first he needed to test the man to make sure that he, Atlas, could confirm that this man WAS the man he hoped he was. Only problem was that anything Atlas could think of was all information that the Neo-Alliance could easy discover on their own by means of simple research. Except...maybe one thing. When his mum had helped him writing the letter to him asking special permission for his pet...there hadn't been a name mention. Not even when he had hugged the man at the dock to say thank you had he mentioned a name. So...maybe...MAYBE this was his chance?

It was all he could think of and with the thought in place...he was stuck.

"Hello, Professor Williamson," he greeted cautiously while obviously looking the man up and down for signs of deception. "Araneus and myself are really glad to see you here at Hogwarts." He paused, more looking up and down, and then decided to add one more detail to see if it made the man squirm or not. If he squirmed...that was a good sign. "Auntie Jade also told us to make sure to tell you she says hello to you and April."

Which...wasn't true...but it was all for the potential squirm.

SO. Was this man the real Professor Williamson or foe?

In case it was not apparent, Atlas would not make for a very good double agent or undercover spy.
William almost took a step back into the hedge when he saw one of Airey's boys coming toward him, but thankfully, he wasn't trying to hug him again. "Hello," he returned, listening to the boy and nodding along.

Aha, so this was the twin with the spider. And... the hot er, nice cousin. Actually, he had two nice cousins whom he called aunt. Alrighty. "Well, April would probably love to see another Flamsteed. She likes all of your family for some strange reason." His mouth twitched into an almost-smile at that. "Come to my cabin later if you want to meet her yourself."

April LOVED visitors. It was a wonder she hadn't figured out a way to break out of his hut already.

SPOILER!!: Evaaaaa
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Bella followed the other students down to what she assumed was the usual meeting spot for CoMC lessons. She curiously peered around at the sight of the very tall hedges around as she stood with the other students. Was it a maze? When the hedges shook, she wondered if it was a play of the wind or maybe the work of a creature.

"Hello Professor Williamson!" Bella greeted her professor with a plastered on sunny smile. The events of the night before had frightened the young dark haired snakette. She was glad that Claudine and Curtis we’re there. Bella hoped Cornelia and Delaney would show up soon as well as Apollo.
Another firstie he recognized from the boat... good, good. He was hoping they wouldn't all get lost on their first day. "Hi there," he replied, his mind a total blank on her first name. Slytherin, though, he liked that Sorting for her.

SPOILER!!: Ashweee
Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Cecelia felt tired. The kind of tired that makes its way right into your bones and makes doing anything seem impossible. She suspected it was from all the crying she’d been doing in private moments. Also from the fear she was feeling, but trying to hide. Hiding feelings was exhausting. The actual lack of sleep didn’t help, either. Honestly, it was a miracle she was attending class at all.

She made her way quietly towards the entrance of the maze, briefly glancing at Professor Williamson. He’d have to forgive her for the lack of a smile today. She wasn’t sure how she was supposed to be Cecelia Sunshine when she felt this awful.
This was unusual for Miss Summers, wasn't it? Williamson would greet her anyway, his brow knitting together as he watched her drift into class. "Hi Cece. Good to see you." And cheer up, there were creatures here! Well, not cuddly ones, but still.

SPOILER!!: Daydreamer11
Originally Posted by Daydreamer11 View Post
Camryn was glad to get out of the castle. That was for sure. Being outside made her feel more free, less anxious......sort of. She followed a group of students, from what she considered a safe distance, as they headed to Care of Magical Creatures class.

Once she arrived at the outdoor “classroom”, she was surprised to see a huge maze. Not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing, Cam approached it cautiously. “Hello Professor”, she said softly and went to find an empty spot near the maze entrance. Normally she would be excited to see a surprise creature. Today that was questionable.
And a Gryffindor firstie... the Sorting hat had evenly divvied up the kids this year, huh? "Hello," he returned her greeting. He'd get her name shortly.

SPOILER!!: DaniDaeeeemon
Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
Today, for the first time in his life, Coby had seen a physical resemblance between himself and his older sister. Who was biologically his mum's cousin, so he technically shouldn't look like her very much, but Suri's dark circles had made their way to his eyes now and underneath his class Coby Rider-Mae looked like death.

How she made those pretty album covers he couldn't understand.

Coby managed a nod at the professor in greeting, and took his place at the edge of the little gathering of people. He usually stood at the front but the fifth year couldn't imagine doing that today. Too much effort to be himself. He'd be someone else for a few days, just until things became a little more normal. If that was even possible.
Yikes. The older kids looked worse than the terrified younger ones. "Alright there?" he greeted Coby, giving him a man-to-man nod of encouragement. He needed to buck up. They couldn't kick out the Cult in a day, alright? They'd... they'd survive... surely.....

SPOILER!!: Kolyander
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Dahlia had heard TONS about CoMC and Professor Williamson. Her brother Lukas had gone on and on about all the creatures and how he was allowed to help out in the barn. It had all sounded like a dream come true to her young ears and all she had wanted was to get to Hogwarts and have her first creatures lesson!

Now here she was, standing near what appeared to be a very large and incredibly tall hedge maze. WICKED! Were they going inside?! What type of creatures might be in there?!

Don't mind her but she might very well be bouncing on the tips of her toes in excitement, all previous thoughts and memories of anything outside of this lesson pushed aside. "Hello, Professor Williamson," Lia smiled.

Oooooh, what were in those wooden crates?!

Please be something cute and super friendly!
This little baby-faced 'Claw had to be related to one of his other students; he was sure of it. He saw a family resemblance. "Hi there," he greeted her. Someone must have told her his name. Maybe they'd said some nice things too, hmm?

SPOILER!!: Einstein?
Originally Posted by iekenstein View Post
Being outside would help. Or that's what Cal told himself as he wandered down to the next class, Care of Magical Creatures.
Cel had told him it was the best class, and it was hard to not be excited about it even with everything going on at school already.
He knew creatures. They made you smile and gave you a wee cuddle when you were sad, like. Maybe they'd have those kind of creatures at school too. Not the dangerous ones yer mam warned ye about!!!!

His eyes lit up when he saw the rows of tall hedges. A MAZE??????? Cal clutched his bag a little tighter and broke into a light jog, eager to get to the front to get a proper look at this. "Hello Professor!" And for the first time since the feast, he managed an actual smile. This wasn't ALL BAD.
William always thought that being outside helped too. "Hello," he actually smiled back, just a small smile, to the kid. "Welcome." He might be surprised to learn they weren't studying cuddly creatures today, but... well, they'd see...

SPOILER!!: Lili!
Originally Posted by Wood'sLittleFlower View Post
There wasn't a whole lot of positive to focus on right now. Matty couldn't even muster up a smile for the professor as he walked in. Instead, his form of greeting was a short little nod and the twitch of his hand, the start of a wave that didn't quite make it past his waist. Everything would be fine if they all kept their heads down. Even in classes, right? Benzi would want him to keep his head down and not do anything stupid. He could manage that. As long as no one was being mean to Kizzy and the gang again.

Head lowered, his eyes lifted slightly to take stock of the room, who was here already and who wasn't. His eyes immediately spotted Kinsay and Moose, a gentle tug on his heart. The brunette wanted to be with his friends, he wanted to stick by them and make sure they were also being cautious and safe but... seeing his brother's face made him think he needed him more. Plus, Phoebe was here and siblings always protected siblings. So... they'd be okay without him for now. Right?

He silently shuffled on over to his brother, a gentle arm slipping around the other boy's middle.
Aww no, more PDA.... but alright. William was usually anti-students-touching-each-other but he supposed these were extenuating circumstances. He cleared his throat softly and pretended not to see the brothers comforting each other.

SPOILER!!: Daniiiii
Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
"Pr-Pro_Professsoooorrrrr." Emmerson began her sniffling the MOMENT she was in view of Professor Williamson. He needed to see how distraught she was because he hadn't been there in the common room and hadn't seen what she saw and and and none of the professors had tried sneaking them away yet.

It was a little irresponsible if you asked her. People needed to start laying down their lives for the sake of the children--of which she still very much was.

"Professor mirror...and my tutu is ripped and...and..." Emm gave a HARD SNIFF as she came to a stop on the other side of Kizzy--hi bestfrand, hi--and took hold of her hand. "C-Can you ask Headmaster Mister Professor Rosier if we can go home now? I...I don't wanna--what's in the hedges?"

As if on cue....or rather now off cue, Emmerson's expression returned to a slightly more chipper if not simply curious look she more typically wore seconds before asking to hug whatever the man brought to class. "Is it big? Wait no, we'd see it if it was. Can it eat people??? Headmaster people?? Asking for a friend--not Kizzy, another friend."

In all the dramatics, most of her friends went unseen, but she was likely to drag them all into a group when THAT became necessary.
He had other things to deal with besides PDA, like one Emmerson Cambridge...

William sighed, then glanced up to the sky and back down to the little second year. At least she was easily distracted, right? "Guess you're going to have to stick around to find out, okay?" He wasn't just going to TELL HER what was in the maze. Come on. That would ruin the work he'd spent a month on.

Plus he wanted to avoid attracting Rosier's attention at all costs, so if she could just forget about asking that... that would be grrrrrrrrrreaaaaaaaat.

SPOILER!!: 2111jen
Originally Posted by 2111jen View Post
Austin glared at the sniffling girl. Really? Attention seaking much? He noticed as her attitude changed instantly. He decided to ignore her.
"Hello professor," he greeted as he walked in.
"Hello," William returned the Slytherin's greeting flatly.

SPOILER!!: Stellaaaaaaa
Originally Posted by Granger Danger View Post
Care of Magical Creatures... Tadhg kenw quite a bit about magical creatures due to his father working with them, so he was a bit familiar with all types of magical creatures. He loved Creatures though, magical and non magical he loved them all. Yawning he made his way towards where the lesson was being held, how was anyone not tired after last night? Last night definitely wasn't fun, not one bit.

Walking up on a tall maze hedge he grinned. "Woah wicked!" Looking at the tall hedge maze, he wondered what kind of creature was in there, or creatures for that matter. Whatever it was, he had a feeling that it was going to be wickedly awesome.

Walking up towards the Professor he nodded. "Hello Professor Williamson." Looking around he seen Dahlia his Bubbles and chuckled at her excitement and bouncing. "Hey Bubbles, what do you reckon it is?" Biting his lip he looked at the tall hedge maze again. "What if it's a Sphinx and we have to answer riddles?"
Finally, some appreciation for his hard work! "Hello," he greeted the boy, a little hint of pride in his voice.

Oh, what if it WAS a sphinx, huh? Williamson should have thrown one in there just for the heck of it.

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After the emotional rollercoaster that was the feast, Heath was grateful for any distraction or sense of normalcy. Fortunately, Care of Magical Creatures provided both, a fact that had him looking forward to this class more than usual. He made his way to the classroom area, only to find a hedge row in its place. He blinked, taking in his surroundings, more intrigued than worried for the time being, Whatever this was, he knew he could trust Professor Williamson not to hurt them… at least not intentionally.

But what if he wasn’t doing this intentionally? For all he knew, Professor Williamson might be under the Imperius Curse - he certainly wouldn’t put it past “Headmaster” Rosier and his men! Come to think of it, was the man standing at the entrance to the hedge maze the real Professor Williamson? Rosier had been polyjuiced as Trent before. How could they be sure that wasn’t him (or someone else) impersonating WIlliamson now? Heath shook his head to distract himself from his mounting worries. You’re overthinking things again, he scolded himself. “Hello, Professor,” he greeted, giving the man a nod of acknowledgement as he approached.

Another nod was given to Claudine as he stood beside her. “Hi,” he whispered, managing a slight smile for her.
"Hey Heath," Williamson replied with a nod as well, watching as he took up a spot next to Claudine. Now now... there wasn't going to be any hand-holding in here, was there?

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The barns had become somewhere that she didn't mind hanging out as much anymore. Sure they still smelled something awful but now when she saw the barns she didn't only see Mr. Too pretty Professor that she shouldn't have a crush on; she also saw Cooper and the day they hung out here. Why did she have to have a crush on the single most nature driven people she knew?

Trekking closer to the hedges in her red rainbows she watched everyone seek comfort from Williamson. She didn't need his comfort so much as a normal class from him. Although, what even was normal? She noticed Phoebe and heard her ask about Williamson's long term plans. Oh this normal class was going to be anything but. Just how many people were going to try and revolt this early?

Scooting closer to the hedges, and her fellow students she gave a small wave. "Hello Professor." One could hold on to a little hope, right? It couldn't possibly be that bad, right? It was fine, everything would be just fine.
Alas, what WAS normal, especially when it came to learning about Creatures? "Hello," he greeted Charlie calmly, nodding to her as she came over by Phoebe.

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Although not one to feel comfortable after having her belongings looked through by complete strangers - or anyone at all, for that matter - Catherine had chosen to soldier on. She had the materials she needed for each and every single class and she was attending them all. It was good not only for her grades, of course, but also to keep her focused on something else rather than... the hell that was going on.

Catherine had become good at soldiering on, especially when it involved not talking much and doing a lot of reading. It was all very perfect for the situation they found themselves in she kept telling herself.

Giving professor Williamson her usual nod as a greeting, the Ravenclaw stood near the group that had formed by the maze. She kept looking back and forth between new arrivals and the shaking hedges.
And Williamson nodded back, because some things never changed, and he wasn't one to start DEMANDING greetings just to soothe his ego. Lookin' at the new HM on that one.

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Blake in all his 5th year glory wasn't sure he was ready for this lesson. A maze with a creature in it? "Seems a bit like the tri-wizard tournament doesn't it." He said no one in particular, just who ever was within ear shot.
"Ding ding, we have a winner winner, chicken dinner," he muttered in reply to Blake, though he did also nod to the boy with an almost-smile. "Keep that in mind, Blake." He was, maybe, on the right track.

Right then, time to start with a queston! Only... someone had one for him first.

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She cleared her throat before looking back at Professor W. "SO, Professor, are we just expected to pretend everything's wonderful in classes? Are we getting actual grades? Asking for my sanity," she quipped, crossing her arms over her chest.

If they failed ANY of them this year....well, she thought that utterly ridiculous.
...could Aboli just chill for a second?! William glanced behind him at the rustling hedge, as though something was in it that could hear her question. He also made a half knock-it-off gesture at his neck, something like a karate chop motion.

"You'll be expected to attend all your lessons and do your best to learn everything a proper wizard should know, Ms. Song," he replied swiftly and loudly, almost coldly, though he didn't exactly make eye contact with her as he said this.

As for her sanity....? Well, he kinda tilted her head at her as though urging her to just... just knock it off. Because why make life more difficult for all of them by asking these things?! She was a Slytherin. Surely she'd understand the need to save herself. He shook her question off and turned to the rest of the class.

"Alright, let's get started." Williamson grunted and shoved his hands in the pockets of his jacket, where his dragonhide gloves comforted him somewhat. Behind him, the bushes still trembled slightly, and he wondered what else was in there besides what he'd already placed there.

Anyway. He needed to say the right things today to keep the kids on track and in decent spirits, if that were even possible. "I'm Professor..... er, and Groundskeeper Williamson for those of you who don't know me. I've taught here for a few years, worked for the Ministry, and also taught at Hogwarts for a few years before that. Uh, dragons are my specialty and favorite creature, but I really like any animal. The more dangerous, the better."

He offered them a half-hearted smile and continued. "Today we've got an XXXXX rated creature here. You'll probably quickly figure out what it is." He raised a brownish gray eyebrow. "But before you can face this fantastic beast, you need to prepare yourself. So what do you already know about hybrid creatures? What makes a magical creature 'hybrid'? How/why could these creatures be considered more dangerous than a regular creature?"

Williamson pulled one hand out from his pocket to gesture at them. "Feel free to build on each others' answers and if you're a firstie or a transfer student, tell me your name, too. I'm NOT having you fill out any stupid forms, I just want to know what I'm supposed to call you." There, see? They were in this together. He couldn't say much more, but he did have a determined glint in his brown eyes.
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