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Default CoMC Lesson 1: The Cockatrice

Care of Magical Creatures Lesson 1: The Cockatrice

As you make your way down to the usual area where your Creatures class is held, you'll start to notice a large row of hedges running around the usual classroom space. In fact, the hedges are so high that you can't see where the classroom area used to be fenced in. Where does it start? Where does it end? Heck, you can't even see the edge of the Forbidden Forest behind these hedgerows, which have to be at least eight, nine, maybe ten feet tall.

You can see Professor (and Groundskeeper) Williamson, however, who is standing in front of the entrance to the hedge maze. Yes, it's a maze, and yes, there's a creature inside. "Come on, don't dwadle now," he says and beckons you to join him beside the entrance to the maze. There are a few wooden shipping crates beside him and every so often, the hedges give a bushy little shake like something inside the maze is eager to get out.

But don't worry. You trust Williamson to make sure nothing happens to you, right?

Class Progression:
  • Q1. What do you already know about hybrid creatures? What makes a magical creature 'hybrid'? How/why could these creatures be considered more dangerous than a regular creature?
  • Q2. Today you'll be facing a creature that does have a history with the Triwizard Tournament. What can you tell me about the cockatrice, and how do you survive one?
  • Mini-Activity. Suit up to go into the maze. There's padding and helmets, sunglasses, broken mirrors, and weasels on leashes for you to use. Good luck.
  • Main Activity. Into the maze! Don't RP for the jarveys or cockatrice(s). Just try to get to the end of the maze!

Just so you know, it's not too late to jump in! This lesson will close at/around 11:59 PM EST on 13 January 2021!