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I also think it does depend on the genre, on resources available, and probably how 'practiced' you are. James Patterson publishes multiple books a year, but he's been doing it so long that I think he can take an idea to a book (it's up to you how good those books are, I'm just SAYING) in a few months. Plus he has researchers on payroll, and, perhaps like some authors, they do the bulk of the writing in his name. I know that doesn't answer your question, but just to put into perspective the really prolific authors.

Also, some authors will leave a book and come back to it later, so it isn't like 10 continuous years writing. When I was looking for books for this prompt, I saw a note that Michael Crichton took 20 years to finish Sphere because he couldn't figure out how it ended.

As an aside, anyone looking to read Lord of the Rings or Les Miserables can use those books for this prompt.
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