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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Chloe wasn't typically involved with transport matters that didn't involve portkeys, but she also wasn't one to shy away from the opportunity to kiss up to the new department head. Even if she didn't entirely trust her, which was all the more reason for the 32 year old to volunteer for this mission. She'd glanced over the reports only just before volunteering, and so honestly she probably didn't know much more than Simone.

"A freak incident, I believe. Nothing really has been done about fixing them. They were de-prioritized." Actually she had no idea about that, but it sounded legit and that the ministry would put forward other cases that were higher in concerns.
"De-prioritized?" Her eyebrow raised at that comment, because in a ministry, especially one that had this many departments a lift would be the key thing to have fixed or at least she would think, but she held back the smirk she wanted to have on her lips to look very confused and annoyed. Tapping her tongue to the roof of her mouth she just looked towards the lifts.

"These need fixed now, no more excuses. I'm not sure what the other department head was focused on, but to have a smooth running ministry you need to have transportation working, not just set aside for someone else to do it." Her eyes moved back towards the lifts, she figured she knew what to do, but she needed to have employees doing their jobs as well.

"What has been tried, what can we try."
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