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Charter's Name: Moose Stover
Brief Description of Your Character's Personality: Curious, suspicious, and indecisive, but easily swayed by others.
A skeptic about magic. Not willing to risk using magic even at school unless he knows it will be useful for him and not harmful.
Easily angered by anyone who just complains all the time. Hypocritical though as he will complain about just about anything he doesn’t understand.
Character's Strongest Form of Magic/Strongest Spell They Can Perform: Charms
Wand Size/Length: 12
Wood Type(s): Holly
Wood Flexibility: Supple
Core: Hippogriff Feather
Wand Detailing: subtle flame pattern wrapped around the wand. The tip looks slightly charred, darker in color than the rest of the wand.
Where Did Your Character Purchase His/Her Wand: Ollivanders
Wand Image: Wand
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