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The Courtyard is where many students spend their time between lessons if they're not in their Common Room or in the Great Hall. Its architecture, including watchful gargoyle parapets and real Gothic arches, reveals the Courtyard to be one of the oldest parts of Hogwarts, connecting the castle with the grounds and also leading to the wooden bridge over the ravine. In between lessons, the courtyard is usually filled with students enjoying some sun or gathering around the pear tree before heading back into the castle. Whether you choose to occupy one of the many stone benches or play gobstones on the cobblestone ground, the courtyard is the perfect place to relax with your friends from all houses.

In the middle of the courtyard is an antique ceramic fountain flanked by eagles, perfect for admiring your own reflection or making wishes. Beware though: once your coin has been tossed into the water, you may never get it back as it will continue to magically sink out of dight. Do try not to fall into the fountain, as the staff does not fancy a swim to fetch little students.