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Pulling a flask from his enchanted breast pocket, the department head twisted off the cap and held it to his lips...only to find its contents empty. No matter. This meeting should not take long and then he could replenish his supply back in the office. He had just tucked it back safely into his suit when he felt a shift in the air and a smile crept across his lips. He had always been sensitive to her presence, ever since they were children, and today he could feel her breath even before her figure appeared around the corner.

Stunning and beautiful, a true enchantress in every sense of the word.

I always want to see you, was what he wished to say to her as she spoke but instead a different series of words slipped through his lips. "Yes," he whispered, his tone almost possessive as he spoke. "But not out here."

Silently he pulled open the door to the courtroom ten and ushered her in with his other hand.

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