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Confetti Popcorn.

Quinn thought that sounded pretty interesting. His aunt had told him of the strange delights of magical foods, but Quinn didn't really know what to expect. He found that to be the case with most of the things in Diagon Alley. No matter what he was told about anything he would find here, he never quite knew what he was getting into until he was into it.

His mother had given him a couple Sickles and Knuts to buy himself a treat while she shopped with his aunt. He roamed the stalls until he found something that caught his eye. It happened to be the fizzy popcorn from Confetti Popcorn. Soda and popcorn were both things that Quinn enjoyed, and he figured that it couldn't hurt to put them together, right?

Quinn got a small bag of the popcorn, just to try it out. He examined one for a moment before popping it in his mouth. He chewed for a second; then his face went funny. The taste of the popcorn itself wasn't bad, but the fizzing sensation was so far removed from the feeling of popcorn he was used to that it undermined his enjoyment. He swallowed, shaking his head and grimacing. He looked at this bag of popcorn he had no intention of eating—would throwing it away be a waste? He didn't like it. But he bought it. So... what should he do?
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