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7.3 Growth

Word Count: 197/200

Hermione scowled at the bottle of marmite on the top shelf of the Weasley’s cupboard. Why would anyone put marmite on shelves that high anyway?!

She supposed of course, being a family of very tall wizards – it would be no problem for any of the Weasleys – but she was no Weasley.

The witch huffed irritably. She could summon it down with her wand; but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to break the law just for a sandwich. But before she could contemplate on it further, Harry came strolling into the kitchen, his hair windswept and his cheeks rosy from the sun. His smile however vanished at the sight of Hermione’s irritated expression.


Hermione wordlessly scowled up at the bottle of marmite on the shelf.
Harry laughed at the petulant expression on her face, walked towards her –caging her in, between him and the kitchen counter – before reaching up to take the bottle off the shelf.

“Here you go” He said with a smile before walking away to change clothes.
Hermione blinked in shock, her spread clutched tightly in her hands, as she watched Harry disappear up the stairs.

Since when had Harry been so tall?!
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